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The American Conservative Magazine: Letters to the Editor, part 1


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Hey all,

After reading Patrick Buchanan's brilliantly written "No End to War" in his magazine, The American Conservative, I became exposed to the "Anti-war Right", which it turns out, seems to have a lot in common with lefties like me when it comes to diagnosing the problems of the Bush administration. Where we differ of course, is on the prescription, where Pat Buchanan might think a "return to faith" is the best solution for the problems we both see, I might have a different answer.

In any event, I went on to get a subscription to the magazine, and while there's lots of knee-jerk articles and a social conservative bent I cannot but abhor, there are from time to time articles bearing some remarkable insight and integrity. This magazine is also a home to libertarian conservatives and those who wish to see a smarter economic policy that reduces government. Anti Free trader ideas are also bandied about. I still think Pat Buchanan is a little off the beaten path, but I don't think he's quite as looney as he's been painted out to be, especially to the degree he was casted as such during the republican primaries of the 90's.

One of the most entertaining sides of this magazine however, are the letters to the editor. So witness, fellow tribers, a letter sure to get your heart-rate up a little bit, and the first in a new series of posts "The American Conservative Magazine: Letters to the Editor".

This one should start us off with a BANG, enjoy:

LETTING CHINA LIVE (Dec 5th, 2005 issue)

James Pinkerton writes, Americans should understand that if we want a war with the Peoples Republic, Beijing will happily give us one. Really? Well, if the Chinese are half as smart as they think they are, they wouldnt welcome such a war. If the truth be told, America could turn China into a burning cinder tomorrow afternoon. There is absolutely nothing the Chinese could do to prevent this. What holds us back is nothing about China; its our own sense of decency and self-restraint. The logical conclusion is that China exists by our grace.

Peter Skurkiss

Stow, Ohio
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Interesting to read that point of view...

Its not principled opposition to the war, its opposition based on: 'is it good for America?'
...literally not a single mention, much less concern for, the devestation imposed on others... Conservatism "rooted in man’s taste for the familiar, for family, for faith in God" indeed (from the magazine's mission statement

Interesting pair with the massive non-principled 'anti-war' "left"... neither are so much "anti-war" as anti-particular, insufficiently successful conflicts..... at least thats how they talk

Some strange views... seems to think it is "solidarity" with Israel that drives the U.S.'s determined interest in the rest of the Middle East (not the other way around - and apparently not oil(!?))
Or, he opposes threatening Saudi Arabia b/c have been valuable "friends", and are preferrable to Islamists who might take their place... I dunno, I just found that funny
The necons threaten even our friends because of:
"the hidden agenda of the neoconservatives: permanent war for their permanent empowerment."
....which would over-extend America, turn too much of the world against us.... not good for America

And apparently this aggressive intl. strategy is something really new for America, brought in by a small group of necons...

Not that the Islamic world can threaten us militarily...... but birth control could (in part) signal the downfall of the entire West, if "Islamic man" out-breeds us:
...Wherever Islamism takes power, it fails. Like Marxism, it does not work.

Yet, assume it makes a comeback. So what? Taken together, all 22 Arab nations do not have the GDP of Spain. Without oil, their exports are the size of Finland’s. Not one Arab nation can stand up to Israel, let alone the United States. The Islamic threat is not strategic, but demographic. If death comes to the West it will be because we embraced a culture of death—birth control, abortion, sterilization, euthanasia. Western man is dying as Islamic man migrates north to await his passing and inherit his estate.

edit: maybe this is just what Tribe needs, a little wake-me-up