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THE ADVENT-- oh my! *grin*

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by madnezz, Nov 16, 2000.

  1. madnezz

    madnezz TRIBE Member

    well well well. I just got home, and I must say I had a GREAT time... The Advent Rocked, and so did Paul Walker (I'd even go so far as to say Paul Walker had the best set-- at least the most FUN!!)

    I'm sorry to say, Kenny Glasgow didn't do it for me... his track selection was good, but he didnt seem to try very hard... then again, I was socializing a lot at that point, so don't take me too seriously...

    After some confusion on what was going on (anyone else see him comming on for 2 seconds before his actual set?) The Advent came on, and he was great-- although I hadnt seen him (and past- "they") before, he was still very much a treat...

    Walker was fantastic-- so much fun....

    ok, now for the social aspect::

    sooooo nice to be there with Ritika (dont forget out mission for turbo) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BASIC aka Kevin-- hope you liked my card!!!

    Soooo nice to meet @M, KF, Mystique2017 (right number???), PHat ALbert, Emil... anyone else?

    others that were great to see again: EJ (you owe me an email punk! *S*), JG aka Spacecase, Ritika of course, cant foget SUke (way to booty dance it up hunny!!) and countless other technosnobs not on the board *wink*


    *Suke stands beside Laura with two beers*

    Laura- "hey Suke! You double fisting it or what!?"
    Suke- "yeah, I'm taking it easy tonight.."

    - Suke, Nov 15, '00

    hahahahhahhahah that was TOOOO funny.

    ok, I hope Im not fogetting anything or anyone... I must get to bed, Im having trouble typing!! *S*

    OH YEAH!!! thanks to NORM (420 guy) and AMY (echo) for being so kind as to have me over and watch that not-to-be-rented-ever movie *L*

    ps- way to be my silly partner, Adam *grin*!

    Laura <-- is going to repost this in other rooms...
  2. mystique0217

    mystique0217 TRIBE Member

    such a slamming hard techno!

    it was a great set..and paul walker was doing some good stuff too..

    i had such a great time there..and
    it was great to meet all sweet tribe people again tonite at tonic..

    Laura, do not worry about the number [​IMG]
    it is all good, dear!

    i just can not get enuff of techno~~


  3. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member


    Now THAT was a fine night of slammin' techno and....E-LEK-TRO!!!! Hot damn, i was diggin' it immensely!
    Kenny Glasgow played rather differently than usual (more tonalities) which was a great warm up for The Advent. The first 45 mins. of The Advent was full on elektro and positively delicious! Then he got more techno-focussed and played incredibly fast, bangin' tech. Paul Walker closed out with a fantastic set - he's rocks the house now everytime i see him!

    The best part of the night however, was meeting so many Tribe board members - and they all rocked!
    delerium88, basic, spacecase, madnezz and suke!

    Suke, props to you guy...you out did me!
    Laura, i love seeing someone get as pumped as i do over techno!
    delerium88, you must have been having a great time judging by the size of that smile!
    spacecase, we'll have to talk gear more later!
    basic, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    shouts out to: Kumiko, Susan, Deliana, Christine, Teri, Vukan, Ej, Justin & Ricardo(Wabi), Jeff K 'n Adam, Sandy, and Phat Albert!!!! (all were in top form on the dance floor)

    Tech care,

    :and a big shot in the arm to the Whitesnake rocker shirt wearin' KF!
    Tech care,
  4. spacecase

    spacecase TRIBE Member

    Last night was great ( I have yet to go to bed , BTW) The music was good not great. But then again I'd seen garnier the night before so my judgement was, um biased?

    Meeting all the different Tribe Board members was great.

    Nice to see Laura again, in fine form and ready to take over the world as always. (She has wicked and cunning plans, you have been warned). Thaks for the words of encouragement, it means a lot to me. Its been about 6 months since I made the change (i think you'll be clear on what I'm refereing to)

    Nice meeting Ritika (don't wear shirts that say "walk on me", they cramp dancing styles), Kevin, Kumi, @m (yes, must talk gear more sometime)
    , Susan and..damn I totally forget his name. Susan's friend..with the glasses, who'd never been to Tonic before and just lurks on the board. Anyways, if you read this:
    never thought I'd run into someone who understands what foundry is about. Email me, I can hook you up with a tour of the OCAD Foundry (as small as it is)


    Jay<---prone to rambling when lacking sleep
  5. dlerium88

    dlerium88 TRIBE Member

    You spelt my name wrong...its DLERIUM88 just for the record [​IMG]

    and I need to stop wearing those shirts with the signs..they're bad news man..bad news.
  6. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    Good to meet the people that I did. hardtekfunk aka @m aka Adam, I think we met a little too late in the night. Nice talking to you. You know the drill.

    KENNY GLASGOW ... [​IMG] He was playing a different style, kinda trippy bouncy techno. Does anybody agree with my classification? I would really like to know if that is what I heard. Well, he killed it AGAIN last night. Had me rinsin' out on a wednesday night. Now I don't usually rinse out as my body is getting weak from "partying lifestyle" but last night I rinsed out. Laura, you didn't know about the booty did ya? Once in a while yo, once in a while. I liked Glasgow's set but LOVED Kenny's last 45 minutes or so. :wicked:. Can you believe people get to hear Danny Tenaglia every weekend in New York? Can you believe we get to hear Kenny Glasgow maybe 3 times a week in Toronto.

    So he lowers the volume on his last track showing the masses that his set is done, The Advent takes his record off of his deck and fans it in front of Glasgow and hypes up the crowd some more. Then The Advent does the "we are not worthy" bowing thing to Glasgow. That's how fuckin' good he was. Flea ... better then the night of Derrick May when you had to leave early, although that was a bit harder techno.

    Then The Advent came on and came with the same type of music that Glasgow left with ... funky and chunky. Later he got a bit harder. He was well wicked as well. Paul Walker was solid as well.

    FuuuuuuuuuuuucK ... anyone hear this track last night thrown down courtesy Glasgow? The set-up = funky chunky bouncy tech house beat with a howl in the back and a guy with these dark dangerous vocal:

    "I'm gonna get ya (pause) Cause I'm an Indian
    I'm gonna get ya (pause) Cause I'm an Indian
    I'm gonna get ya (pause) Cause I'm an Indian
    I'm gonna get ya (pause) Cause I'm an Indian"

    Killer track. :wicked: night.

    Punjabi By Nature,


    P.S. Laura ... you were looking fiiiiiine last night. Word!
    P.S.S. "You're the best double fister dancer I have ever seen mate" - Rentboy '00
  7. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    Special shout out to "me" ... you missed it brah. Glasgow playing the big party tunes inside the Tonic. Tracks = start off slow and hard and the track picks itself up with that chugging bassline. YOU know the drill on what I am saying. Halo styles ie; speeding it up with his fingers. That type of shit. Only difference was Glasgows tunes were produced liked that, Halo speeds his up to trip us all out.


  8. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    i will never spell your name wrong again, Dlerium88.


    (whose name is also often misspelled)

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