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the ability to still be standing after april 5th


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it didn't really sink in til last night, but the next 3 weeks in our little corner of north america should be quite amazing...

i know these references show up in other posts, but when you actually look at the names together it's quite something...

kleinenberg, debo, graham, fair, howells, stephan, sasha, digweed, van m, creamer, collins, hybrid, the insane list of wintergalactic, dimitri, the building blocks party this saturday, weaver, armand, and all the regular local goings on every week...& not to forget all those heading to south beach for the conference...spring is definitely here (albeit a little windy) & i'm looking forward to a few crazy weeks...goodbye winter :)


ps i'm also looking forward to hearing lots of new music which also goes hand in hand with the miami party...which tracks will be the tunes for '02???


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like winter hasn't been crazy enough with satoshiie, deep dish, baby hec, cox and lafleche. (more on the house tip considering this is the progressive forum, but sweet just he same)

after staying home this weekend i am ready for some more harder, progressive beats...


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re che's post..

totally agree with you steve...i remember a few years ago reading about the children of uk immigrants who came to canada with their parents & were now heading back...

#1 reason always seemed to be the social aspect...getting together with friends on a regular basis after work at the pub etc...& it's an accepted fact in the uk that you basically go out & go hardcore all weekend long (in between soccer matches)...i'm not sure if thats entirely good or bad, but often we get trapped in our 9-5 work routines, hitting the gym, etc here in canada...this social aspect is often way down the list of priorties as workers raced home to try & shave 15minutes off their commute time, catch the train...

anyways back to the point at hand, this is shaping up to be an excellent year...!!!



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This city now gets a continuous stream of wicked parties, with a knowlegeable and fun party crowd, people who party for the right reasons, the love of the music. Toronto must rival some big N.A. cities like L.A., Chicago, etc. with all the great talent we get and the maturity of the scene here. We have a reputation for great parties, thus "big" talent like to come here, and so every year we get more talent and a wider variety of talent.

Any given weekend will see the likes of know international DJ's plus great quality locals ripping up t-dot.

I will survive March 28th, March 29th (especially) then prepare to survive April 5th--if Deep Dish at Kool Haus is any indication of what S&D will be like, it could well be the best party this city has seen (how many times have I said that...).

I'm sure the rest of the April, May, summer calendar will get filled soon, and it'll for sure be exciting! I love partying in this town.
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Other Cities

Toronto must rival some big N.A. cities like L.A., Chicago, etc. with all the great talent we get and the maturity of the scene here.
Rival? I would say Toronto's scene is more mature than Los Angeles and Chicago, and we have a better stream of international talent passing through on a regular basis.

I realize L.A. and Chicago have been "party cities" for much longer than Toronto, but in terms of highlighting cutting-edge dance music and the modern clubbing phenomenon, they are behind. I would say that New York is probably the only American city that could rival Toronto (which says a lot about Toronto since we're less than half the size).