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The 4:20 Thread


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by mingster:
What are you, some kind of sick freak?

People are still at work, man!
Have some compassion!


is okay, Ming... we delay 4:20 until later this evening, I'm taking care of it as we speak!!!

Ditto Much

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I have a management meeting with reagrds to "corporate restructuring".

I see no good becoming of this Pinky!!!!

Fuck I really liked this place.
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I'm heading into work at 5...so no tokin for me until I get out. Of course...the tylenol 3's I'm taking for my hurtin leg will hold me over I think



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i smoked a nice fat one with a friend here at school...

i'm now in the computer lab with RED EYES.

happy 4:20
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