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The 25 Year Old Virgin


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*Front page of The Sun*

With a little help from his friends.


Sexual innocent Geoff launched a website on a bet and needs 5 million hits in 30 days to lose his virginity. Platonic friend Jen, says she’ll help him with his “problem” if he pulls off the online stunt. With two weeks to go, he’s logged 3 million votes of support. (Craig Robertson, Sun)
He claims to be a 25-year-old virgin from Toronto who needs five million hits on his website in 30 days to score with a platonic female friend.

Tracked down in person by the Sun yesterday, Geoff insists he's the real deal: A sweet, sexually inexperienced guy who made a barroom bet, pasted his mug on a website with the help of friends, and is now at the centre of a major media storm even he finds a little frightening.

The story -- and Geoff's sticking to it -- is that he was 22 when he learned his fiance was cheating on him despite their promise to hold off on sex until their marriage. Devastated, he swore off dating for three years.

But things changed during a recent night out at a bar in Hamilton.

Geoff claims his friend Jen, 21, promised to help him lose his virginity if he could get five million hits on a website in 30 days, similar to a recent online stunt pulled by an American who had sought two million hits in exchange for a threesome involving his girlfriend and another woman.

Geoff's website, avirginsplea.com, has clocked three million hits since it went up May 1. Since then, he has been propositioned by several men and women, received images of the female reproduction system by e-mail, and was contacted by a doctor who offered sexual advice and grooming tips.

All the big American networks have called, there's talk of a movie and book deals, and blogs around the world are urging their visitors to click on his site to drive up traffic and ensure him a romp in the sack.

Yet the soft-spoken web designer, who asked that his last name not be used, appears to be a reluctant media star.

"I have a life, too. I can't spend all my time doing this," he said, explaining why he initially refused to meet with the Sun until he was tracked down yesterday to a small Etobicoke website and marketing firm, where he works.

"Now it's a little worrying that the entire world knows me as the 25-year-old Internet virgin," he added.

"He got more than he bargained for," said friend and colleague Patrick Vipond, 24, who helped design the website.

"He was very sheltered," added friend Sean Keast, 26.

It's a tale juicy enough to make any TV producer drool, but it's hard not to be skeptical: Until yesterday, the friends were selling T-shirts from the site, which they claimed was necessary to pay for extra bandwidth. Late yesterday, the site began carrying a racy ad for adult personals.

Meanwhile, Jen's identity could not be verified by the Sun and requests for her contact information were not answered.

Geoff said Jen has been a good sport and will live up to her end of the bet if the site gets five million hits.

"We talked about just getting a hotel room, getting a few drinks, and getting down to business," he said.

Although he's had many requests to do the dirty deed online or on video, Geoff said he expects he will simply update the site once his virginity is lost.

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I'll fuck him if he wants to lose his virginity so much.


"So, Sean, is it everything you thought it'd be? ... oh, stop your crying."

TaCk OnE?

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wonder if they're doing unique hits

cause the number seems to jump by at least two or three each time I hit refresh...wonder if I'm adding one each time.

all I have to say, is it's going to be some creepy obligation sex when it's all done....not at all what you want for your first time.

"so, how is tomorrow for you, no, ok, well thursday is fine, ok, 3 pm, we'll have the sex you owe me...great, bye"


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so, how did you lose your virginity?

oh i made a bet, a website and did it with a friend of mine. things got really awkward after though and we never really talked again
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that 420 guy

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the internet gives even the most ridonculous ideas legs. now if he was willing to broadcast his devirgination live on the web, that would be something fun to see...all 2 minutes of it ;)

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Boss Hog

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acheron said:
What, did you say, "bet you can't take my virginity..." and she fell for it?

I bet her that I could last longer than her in the sack. She didn't know I was bluffing.

And I won.


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okay so how do you pronounce the name GEOFF anyway?

my best friend from 4 until 22 is named Geoff and i always said "Joff". when he turned 16 it became "Jeff" but i refused to say it like that.
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why not

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was this what the site said yesterday?

haha, the sun got hoaxed.

The Story of this Website:
Over the past few days, people have raised several questions about the website avirginsplea.com. I feel it is both my moral and ethical obligation at this point to spare my friend Geoff from any further personal embarrassment.

The site was a viral marketing experiment that got far too out of hand. Geoff was nothing more than a name and a photo - the story and website were created by me and all media interviews were performed by myself.

I apologize to the people of Toronto and everyone from around the world who saw our site. We did not expect this idea to go so far, and the real connections so many of the visitors to the site made to "Geoff's" story has made this experience especially difficult.

The Peej

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I was really hoping that the "jen" would turn out to be one of the many hot tribe Jens

that's a shame.
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