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that tune that samples Bukem's "music"

Nebu kad

TRIBE Member
Is that a remix? Or just a straight up sample? If its just a sample, the producer is lame and could not have spent much time on the track. If it is a remix, then lame. lame/lame either way i look at it.
speaking about lame...i'll save that for the next post im doing.


Nebu kad

TRIBE Member
Ave, are you an office poster?

The part of the tune that it samples is the melodic loop/pad that runs through the whole song, so basically it sounds like a "music" remix.


you can listen to it there. It might be pure bootleg styles cause the artist is not listed.

Actually, listening to it now, even the bassline sounds familiar. The break is decent so it's not total crap at least.



TRIBE Member
yep, just wasting my work day on here

firewall won't let me listen, but I'll check it later


DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
It must be a bootleg remix, almost everything from the original song is still there... the bassline is pretty much the same, just reprogrammed a bit, and it has new drums and a faster bpm.

I don't mind it because the original is such an amazing song anyway but it's so slow that you'll never hear it in standard sets these days.

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