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That they might get off....


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I was reading up on the proceedings of the Randal Dooley case.

And I can't remember all the details of who said what...but basically, a medical examiner, or coroner was giving possible causes of death for the boy, and describing symptoms and such. They were saying that he could have died as a result of complications from earlier injuries....

Anyways, it occured to me, that these people might actually get off. That through some loopholes, or lack of evidence that they directly caused his death, they might get off. That they might have done all these horrible things to the poor kid, and they might walk free. For example, you would think, when hearing about it, that throwing a kid in a tub of ice water and stuffing his mouth full of ice cubes, was abuse. I would. But apparently, this is a common reaction that people have, and use to treat seizures, although it is also the wrong thing to do. This one example just freaks me out. Cause it makes me think there is a possibility that the Dooley's could have an excuse for everything, an explanation, a reason.

In my opinion, these people have abused the kid. But if they are found to not have caused his death, they'll be free. And nobody will be held accountable for the suffering that Randal went through.



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although i'm not up on my law, they would probably get retried on different charges...it is a shame though...& although i may get slammed here, i still don't know how some criminal lawyers can sleep at night (albeit in their multimillion dollar homes)...ie the guy who defended bernardo...