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That 'Melbourne Shuffle' Doc (^Banner Ad)


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Anyone watch the trailer for that doc advertised at the top?


I'm sure they have great dancers down there and all, but I had to smile when they talk of 'revolutionary' or 'unique' style or 'unique'. Watching the trailer, it looks like 'ravers' dancing in NA from 1990-present.

Booty Bits

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they have got to be fucking joking. how does this merit an entire documentary?

the 'melbourne shuffle' looks like what happens when a kickstepper runs out of breath and has to slow down a bit.
that is so not an entire dance style.


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if you're from melbourne i'd say it merits an entire documentary. well, a 40 minute documentary maybe. but if you're from anywhere else unless you've been to melly and hold it close to your heart - like me! - then it wouldn't be so interesting.

it reminds me of my best friend from melbourne. guy had a serious fucking shuffle going on. try as i might, i could never replicate it.

the thing about the melbourne shuffle is that once you know what it looks like then you can be dancing anywhere in the world and if you see that melbourne shuffle - because it's actually is quite distinct - then you know that other person is either from melbourne or has been there. instant bond!
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