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That 70's Party


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Did anyone go to this? I wanted to check it out soooooo badly, but couldn't allow myself to fall even more behind on my beauty sleep

Soooooo -- how was it for those who went? Reviews people! C'mon!!! Did Alex throw create that ol' skool vibe? Did Chu funk things up? Hit me!


Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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i really wanna know how this one went to

i have been feeling very ill lately and haven't been able to do anything....

'tis crap i tell you!!

and since i AM the discodancer that i am...
i shoulda been there...
so what's the word?


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i was there. turnout was very poor and i assume this is the reason they shut down the main floor mid-way through alexd's set.

embryus was stinkin' hot and muggy. i hope they have air conditioning or else they're in for a rough ride this summer.

music was great. however, the system upstairs was too loud.

respect to whoever was responsible for putting this on. it was a fine idea, hope for a better turnout next time if there is one.


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^^^ Andrew Bolton is a great buddy of mine. He's the 6'10" bouncer dude who's always there. Great fukkin' dude!

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The Peej

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Note to the promoters of this party!!!! Next time put afro wiggs on all your promoters!! Trust me this will make a HUGE difference. Imagine walking out of a club and seeing some flyer guy with like a two foot afro and tell me you wouldn't take his flyer!!!
You had everything right I think INside the party... you just need to create some hype next time... It's a mainstream cheese party so promote it as such. Send someone to Electric Circus dressed like a complete Ass to big up the party! Hey, Itt'll work! Do NOT give up on this party!!!!