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Thank you Vancouver


TRIBE Promoter
Hey all,
Just got back home a few days ago and I wanted to thank everyone that dropped by Lotus last Thursday to catch my set. Big ups to Baven and Craig Mullin for making it possible. I made some new friends in Vancity y'all showed me that there is something nice happening out West. One thing though, what's up with the 2am cutoff?!?! (lights on, GET OUT!) That's truly (as you say) tough sluggin!!

There's some video footage of my gig at Xray... it was alittle slow to start but the crowd fills in and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Video footage (high speed only)

Screen captures (any speed)

And for those fans of Deep gritty house, don't forget to check out Rasoul on the 28th! I wish I could be there for that.

Peace, love, and respect from Toronto,

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room