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Thank You Toronto ! :)

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Danny Tenaglia

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Yes, this is my first official post here on this rockin message board! Why has no one lured me here before? I guess it was for the best anyhow.... I'm way too often wrapped up in e-mail's or the DTourism.com board. I sincerely never ever go to any other websites or message boards. How could I possibly have the time?

Anyway you KRAZY Dance Maniacs ........
WHAT HAVE YOU ALL DONE TO ME? I'm still getting goosebumps thinking of everyone all so lovey dovey with each other @ Boa. It was like a strange reunion without saying that it was.....? I felt like every single person knew each other in the building. Although, I did feel a bit disconnected in the DJ booth that IMO is somewhat misplaced, I was very impressed with the sound, the staff and of course all of you!

I'm gonna go on & on now ya know.... As I have said to my people here in NYC at my no longer 5 year and 3 month weekly Be Yourself Friday party -
You truly did allow me 100% the freedom to be who I am as an entertainer and a person and I did not expect such a wonderful welcome and turnout since I had not been to Toronto in a few years. Everyone made me feel like I was home and as if it was our weekly Be Yourself event that was simply going on for years. I have been blessed with experiencing many, many wonderful experiences all over the world from NY, to Argentina, Montreal, the WMC and so many nooks & crannies in between it's almost silly, but a night like we all shared together last week for your Canada Day July 1, 2004... Well, that is the kind of event that will stay in my heart, mind and soul forever. You just don't forget a marathon of "LOVE." That's what it was - A "Love Parade" inside BOA for 14 hours! :)

All I can now is: How can I expect to comfortably come back to play their again without wondering what type of pressure I will BE faced with trying to live up to this past experience? Every gig is different and I don't like it when people compare. It seems that people are always often ready to judge the entertainment and compare them to their last song or gig, etc..

Please let me know that you all know that when I am finally ready to come back to Toronto that Toronto will not place the pressure on me to be some almighty DJ with Special Powers.... I am only human. I am not the #1 DJ in the world as there IS no #1 DJ. Only GOD is #1 and we all do our best with the gifts he gave us as individuals.

One last thing. I feel I need to clear the air now that I am finally here speaking from my heart with all of you Canadians. A few people have tried to cut me down in the past for some things they misinterpreted as I'm sure you all know how interviews and conversations so easily get "remixed" for sensationalism and drama. I don't recall the exact situation, but people have knocked me and made me feel uncomfortable believing that I once said I will never return to Toronto after I had the honor and privilege of playing the closing of Industry. What a magical evening that was as well...
Anyhow, all I ever recall saying was that I had no intention of returning to Toronto until another venue opened that could provide the proper atmosphere for what us underground music loving passionate people are truly all about! I was never about the $ and have had many offers, but until BOA, I had never heard of anything so wonderful that was worthy to return to! My pals DJ Demi, Chus & Ceballos, Alan T, Vic Calderone, Mac, Ali, Saeed, Palash, Rob Distefano, Honey Dijon and so many others said: YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE BOA!!!! AND I DID! That is what I needed to hear! My peers tell me that there is finally a room to do my thing in and Be Myself again - since my last experience there at a place I believe called "living room" and it was a very un-enjoyable experience. I once played at Government and felt extremely removed from the dance floor and party there as well. My point was, no matter how much a venue offers me, what good is it if I can't even feel anything? Those events were like playing for myself and a lightman wondering what was going on in the distance. I felt nothing, so I did not return, but I never said I would not.....
I never say never unless I was mistreated, and I was not.

The people of Toronto have always been great to me, and a massive thanks to the original posse at Industry who truly helped expose me and so many other NY'ers and international talents from NY's Cevin Fisher to our dear Miss Celeda form Chicago. Thank you Mario J, Gavin, Matt, Danielle, Kenny, Jen Star, Gina & her sparklers, her outfits and operatic burst (lol) and to everyone else. I have not forgotten you all and I never will. Major Respect for what YOU guys created! :)

With that being said, I would like to also thank Mr. Ralf Madi for not giving up on almost 2 years of calls to my manager Kevin, everyone @ Boa, Roni, Carey, all the local resident DJ's and of course especially to all of YOU incredible people on the dance floor loving it up and making me feel like I was Canadian for a day, yet once again. :rolleyes:

I truly do love every one of you. You may not realize it but you all help me even further understand "my purpose." How could I not sometimes get on the Mic and thank you all and show you love in return? How could I not? I'm just commuciacting with people every few hours with gratitude and showing them that I appreciate them as much as they appreciate me and the music I am programming. As well as giving well deserved shout outs to the people who made it all happen and deserve their props too. I couldn't do what I do all by myself and I don't mind sharing the glory. It's called being "secure" with myself and giving acknowledgment to others. Hey, I can even handle peoples constructive criticism as long as it isn't cruel. It's just opinions, right? PS: I promise I won't write such looooooooong post in the future and hog up the board. After reading these incredible and loving reviews, well, this is extremely similar to me saying thanks during a long set....... How could one not respond to such love!!!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ----------> MWUAHH !!!!

Ok, I am going to bed now singing "O Canada" .... again :)

God Bless us all!

- d. tenaglia - :D


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Oh to be where I was this time a week ago! The night/morning is still so fresh in my mind and I'm sure I'll carry the magic of it all for the rest of my life.

Thank you Danny for that wonderful message, and more importantly giving Toronto a chance to BE ourselves!

Until next time.... :D :cool: :) ;)


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Thanks so much for taking the time and writing such amasing message.
I am happy to hear you enjoyed Boa and even more happier that you will be back for more. :)

Until next time...

PS: Maybe next Industry Reunion party? ;)

Take care.


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danny, respect to you for being who you are and for doing what you do.

please come back soon... there will be no pressure at all to try and outdo the magic that was canada day at boa.

after all, music is the answer! :)
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Wow! Much respect to you for writing such an obviously heatfelt thank you to your fans. And as for ever disappointing anyone in the future, no worries, anyone who loves what they do as much as you obviously do could never disappoint. Love is the most important ingredient in anything people do and you sir seem to be brimming with it!

May peace, love and music be in your soul forever! :D


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Wow, I'm grinning after reading that.

Danny, you are a prototype for all that a person (and DJ) should be. So positive and full of love.



TRIBE Promoter
word Danny T. , thanks for shouting up T.O. with this great message..
you are one gentlemen and an inspiring DJ..
just loved how you have worked yourself solid through the years to be able to go such a marathon and being patient with the traxx..
your programming was well done, actually quite intelligent..
not many DJs out there actually works so precisely with gains and pulls of dBs and slopes..
i've got mad props for you being in the spotlight for decades but still loving it as day one..
i've got mad props for you being in the 'mainstream' status but always paying deepest attention to da underground traxx..
lastly, it is inspiring that you are able to work a room filling all detailed genres with your experienced ears always listening and paying attention to the room..
thanks for keeping the creative world alive and keeping it real..
last lastly, go Yankees!!
peace. task


TRIBE Member
Danny, thanks for the message. Seriously brotha, I didn't walk into your set with expectations... and none of the veteran Danny T lovers I know did either. Don't think you have to outdo yourself, just GET BACK HERE SOON PLEASE and lay what you're feeling on us again!! A semi-annual (quarterly would be better hehe) marathon would make us all veeeeeery happy ;)



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Gosh I have seen Danny all over the world, from WMC, to Ibiza, to several venues in NY, and the closing of Industry (there has been a storm and all the planes have been grounded, but we sent a limo to pick Danny up!!!!)...I missed the Canada Day show here as my g/f could't make it I am dying to take her to her first party to see what I have been going on about since we met over a year ago, so we missed the show, next time tho...I am going to get her out, and just watch her face as she realizes what she has been missing... please hurry up and get back Danny!
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hmmmm...if my calculations are correct Danny, you now have an opening on Friday nights?!?! Could there be a possibility of a residency at Boa, say once a month???


Jeremy Jive

TRIBE Member
One word...... "Class"

Danny has it and I wish he could share it with more people. That letter alone is reason enough to go see what this man is all about. No matter the cost. I makes you feel and realize that he appreciates what we the people do for him.

jeremy -no Danny, we thank you- jive
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I said it in my original review post and I have to agree with Jeremy and Jah...

Thanks for the memories Danny! :D

Klubmasta Will

TRIBE Member
nice post, mr. tenaglia. welcome to the board.

my one and only experience at one of your 'be yourself' fridays at 6 hubert street ranks as one of my all time favourite party nights anywhere in the world. what a truly awesome venue and truly unbelievable vibe. thanks for that.

i had fun at boa too, but the heat and humidity got to me and prevented me from doing it up proper. hopefully, the ventilation and a/c will be better next time.

respect. looking forward to your next appearance in toronto.


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My already immense esteem for you has just increased 10-Fold.
It has been said numerous times thus far, but I will reiterate it.
You, Danny, are a class act!

Thanks for a great night/morning/afternoon at Boa! I will 'wait with bated breath and whispring humbleness' until the next time. :)
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that's class, style and pizazz.

i especially like the part about there being no #1 dj. so true, so true.

i wasn't at boa, but i had the op to dance my ass of two most of danny's sets at industry and a few at twilo.



Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member

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