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Thank you Super 7

Stop Bill C-10
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Originally posted by ~decepticon~
I can`t wait to pick up my cheque Monday for 30 million.

what a great day!:D

I told you this morning that my magic 8 ball said I was going to win it.

dammit, take a hint! kidding!


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Ummm...I think you all missed the memo!

Cuz me and the lovely supakeli will be picking up that cheque for 30 million on Monday morning.

So weird that this should come up too. I never usually buy lottery tickets but for whatever reason (hmm maybe something about 30 million bein alot of money) we both decided that we must buy a ticket today :)
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I got 5 numbers on super 7 a month ago

was only like 3 grand though

split amongst the team at my office... got around 300$ in the end


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A little background:
I never play the lotto and I think its a waste of my money.. HOWEVER the only way I would play is if I found a money walking down the street because I`m not using my own money. So today while walking to the go train I come across a $5 bill. I made the rule of only playing the lottery if I found money on Monday... Tell me its not fate that I found $5 today! So far I`m up $5 on monday I`ll be up 30 mill

you might as well burn all your tickets now!:D :D :D :D


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Originally posted by lok
you're 3 times more likely to get struck by lightning than win the lottery
So there is still a chance your saying then right!!

really, the odds?
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i'm part of a lottery at my new job and they are all askin' if i'm the bit of luck they need to win...as far as i'm concerned...this new job is like winning the lottery ..... so there!!


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I am part of a work pool as well, its funny every Monday I come into work expecting to hear we won but we never do :( This may be our lucky week! *fingers crossed* :)
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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
I cringe to think what kind of bling Fadi would purchase to attract women if he won that pot.


me too, the Lebanese Lion is relentless!


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This is a house you could get for $12.9M. The most expensive property on MLS.



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apparantly studies show that after the initial excitement passes, lottery winners are no happier than the rest of us.
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