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Thailand help?

Sup y'all....

I am overseas right now (currently in Israel) and am on a two month vacation. I've been here for about 3 weeks now really loving life. This country is a really special place. For those who've been here before they already know. For those who haven't, I recommend coming here regardless of your religious background. There is something for everyone here.....so much history, culture and architectural wonders....

On the partying front, I hit up a club called TLV. I had been really eager to go to it, as it is probably Israel's largest club (Steve Lawler opened it up a few years back and they have had many top DJ's come through since). Techo is large here, as I think Tiesto is everyone's favorite/most well known DJ. Obviously, with the political situation which escalated beginning Sept. 2000, tourism has been down as well as many DJ's being afraid of coming to it. I can say first hand that the party here is off the hook, just like I remembered it (from being in Israel in the summer of 2000). I rolled up to this club (TLV) Friday night. It was the owner's bday and so there was a massive party going on. Music was tech house, but a few classics were thrown in as it was what they call here a 'gay friendly' night. Even though the party was mostly gay, I ended up meeting this really sweet Israeli girl and her friends who invited me to some after party at an apt in Tel Aviv. We all partied till about 12pm Saturday morning, it was lots of fun....

Anyways, the reason for this post is that I decided to scrap my plans of going to India and have instead booked a month long trip to Thailand. I'll be travelling on my own and am looking forward to maxing and relaxing in the sun and partying hard, in addition to seeing some interesting sites, eating awesome seafood and getting a taste for Thai culture.

I was hoping that TBK could lend me a hand, given I am kind of flying by the seat of my pants, on what may be some good things to do. Some of the things I plan on doing include the full moon party (and I think the party the week before), catching some Thai boxing matches, doing some scuba diving (never done that before), trying to see some of northern Thailand hopefully riding some elephants and maybe enrolling in a 2-4 day massage course somewhere.

If anyone can lend some specific advice on things to do or places to go that would be great. I'd love to hear any stories that peeps may have.

I don't know how often I'll be able to check this thread or to even post questions, so I thank all in advance for helping a brother out.

Hope all is well happy new year to all and I hope that everyone is managing to stay warm somehow! :p :D :)


i partied at Allenby58, a club in Tel Aviv, and it was totally mental.
the crowd was so up for it, and it was multi-level so you could go up to like, the 4th floor and just look down on the madness below.

for the Full Moon Party, i would suggest that you stay in Haad Rin if you want to get the full FMP vibe. i found it obnoxious... like Daytona Beach with Europeans, but hey, who am i to judge?

we stayed at Starlight Resort on the Sunset beach and i loved it there. (Haad Rin has the Sunrise and Sunset parts. Sunrise is where the FMP takes place) honestly, it was worth it just for the gorgeous sunsets which we could see from the hammock on the front porch of our bungalow. sigh.

as for northern Thailand, go to Chiang Mai and stay at LIBRA GUEST HOUSE. its awesome.
they have a cooking school across the street and i would highly recommend it. they take you to market in the morning so you get familiar with all the ingredients, and then you cook awesome food all day and get to take all your uneaten leftovers back to the guest house to shove 'em in the fridge for later. gah. so good.

i also went through Libra for my hilltribe trek. it was WICKED. depending on the level of exertion, you could do a 1, 2, 3, or 5 day trek.

one of the other Canadians staying at Libra was really big into Muay Thai (kickboxing) and he was actually training with some of the country's best at Lumpini stadium. i didnt go check out any matches cuz its not my thing, but it will be very easy for you to get info about it. in fact, they have people who drive around in trucks, announcing it from their loud speakers on a daily basis.
ahh... the noise of s.e. asia.

my last piece of advice to you is RESPECT THE THAI WAY OF LIFE. i saw so many backpackers with no respect for the Buddhist way of life, and it sickened me. read up on thai culture so you know the Do's and Dont's.
most of all, have fun and DONT DRINK THE WATER!
Can you elaborate on how people do not respect Buddhist / Thai culture Liz? I'm curious
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when i was chillin on the beach on Koh Pahngan, alot of the Swedish and German and Aussie kids were sunbathing topless.
now, i wont deny that i enjoyed the eye candy, but it was TOTALLY unacceptable to do that.
not only are the thai very modest, they're also incredibly hospitable and welcoming. this means that they would rarely tell someone when they're doing something that goes against custom.

another thing is that you need to learn the rules about where and when its acceptable to wear shoes.
you need to be careful not to show the bottom of your feet to any representation of buddha, or really anyone you want to show respect towards.

also, if you get into a disagreement with a thai person, they're probably more likely to laugh than raise their voice. i saw SO many israelis fly off the handle because a thai person was laughing at them when they were complaining about something. honestly, it was hilarious to watch, but i felt kinda embarassed for everyone involved cuz their approach was totally night and day.

another thing about the thai: they LOVE their king and queen. you need to be mad careful not to crumple your bills or anything with the faces of the royal family on it. and if they play the national anthem, stand still throughout the duration of the anthem. its really disrespectful if you don't.

these are little things, but i think they make a big difference. as a tourist, you act as an ambassador of the country you're coming from.
you should open a foreigner education centre over there Liz....I'll come..and help you. Yes.

Can I have 16 weeks vacation per year though?
Thailand is amazing. If you are going for a month I would recommend the following (When I did I was their for over 2 months):

Full Moon Parties: Koh Pahngan is great. The north is desolate, the south is party land. I would recommend staying at SUNSMILE bungalos, it looks over Hat Rin (the main party area), but is far enough away that you don't have to listen to thumping bass all night and it is still a short walk. The prices are great and the owners are fantastic....beware though, if you get to know them well the husband will make you get loaded with him (if he likes you). He can really slam back the thai whiskey

Diving: There are a few option here, but seeing as you are already going to be at Koh Pahngan I would just take a boat to Ko Toa (around 2hrs). It's a strictly diving island. I had a great experience (first timer going for open water course) with Crystal Divers . Run by a group of Aussie's, very high quality, price includes accommodation and safety is top notch. This is, obviously, important, as I had some shaddy experiences on the West Coast (Phuket...a.k.a FuckIt, don't go). There is a great bar on the island too called "in Touch" or something like that. Very cool.

Treks: Most people go to Chaing Mai...skip that and do a trek out of Pai. It will take a little longer to get there (an additional 5-6hrs), but it's worth it.

Angkor Wat: YOu would be INSANE not to go to Cambodia for a few days to see Angkor Wat (just outside of Siem Riep). It is the most amazing site I have ever seen in my life and many have told me it blows the pyramids out of the water. You can get cheap flights from Bangkok that will fly you direct for under $100 return. This would be my #1 thing to see if I were you. If you do go, don't get scammed into taking a tour. Rent your own scooter and do the site seeing solo. It's very safe, just stay on designated paths/roads.

There are many other things to do/see, but given you only have a month this will keep you busy.

Have fun, I'm jealous!
yo.....thanks for the help y'all! :) much appreciated.

i will re-read this again, when a little more sober....as it is about 4am for me right now. grayson...i just hit up a club called "Paula". if you are single, i'd recommend going to it. it is an absolute meat market. girls are there looking to meet guys period. it is in tel aviv. i beleive the street is ben yehuda and ben gurion, but i could be wrong....ask any local guy, they will tell you.

anyhow, that is my value add for the evening. i am tired and that is about all she wrote for my sorry ass.

peace & be good.

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