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Tha Butcha - live online UKG mix

Pure Silk

TRIBE Member
here's the link


It start at 1:55 mark and play for about an hour!!

here's the palylist:

: Tha Butcha (Flirt Soundsystem) - UKG/2-step Mix
Slowhand. Jayson Torres (orignal UK Underground Mix) (Warner)
G.O.D Four. N/A (Nice N Ripe)
Destiny. D J Faz (Locked On)
Got Myself. Dom Perignon & Dynamite (Mos Wanted)
Burning Up. Narrows (Resurrection)
1999. Groove Chronicles (White)
Messin With Neat. N / A (White)
Mind Body And Soul. D J Bigga G (Rough Beats)
True. Soulo And Steve Feelgood (N / A)
No Way. David Anthony Feat. Keith Harrison (Sound Design)
Haters. So Solid (oxide Rmx) (Relentless)
Too Much. Magic Funk (zoom & D B X ) (Mint Condition Rec.)
Pull The Feeling. N / A (Desert Boots)
Wobble. D J Faz (Locked On)
Turbulence. Agent X (Public Demand)
Masterplan. Groove Chronicles (White)
Hold Tight (one Up Front). Hackney Soldiers (New Deal)
Bouncing Flow. K 2 Family (Relentless)
Bounce. Robloe & Kin Feat. Nor - T Jack Fever (Locked On Promo)
Try Me Out. Sunship (Filter)
Prestige. Va Vibe (White)
Gotta Get Thru This. Daniel Bedingfield (mad Skillz 4x4 Mix) (Relentless)
Shoulda Woulda Coulda. Beverley Knight ( DnD 4x4 Mix) (Parlophone)
Crazy Love. M J Cole (Island)
All Night Long. Gant (Positiva)
2-3 Bass. El - Tuff (2 Tuff 4 U Rec)
The Chant ( We R E). R . I . P Productions (White)

I think it's a good repreentation of the UKG sound

.........a little bit of every style......

some feedback would be great

good or bad.....I've got a thick skin!!!
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Very nice track selection.. I haven't listened to it but I know the majority of these tracks..
Oi oi wickedness

Pure Silk

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If you want to hear more UKG

check UKG Sundays @ NASA ......Sunday february 24th



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