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TGIF Weekend Thread!

Temper Tantrum

TRIBE Member
So who's in the what's now for the weekend?

Tonight: Finish Work, go to gym , shopping for new pair of pants, kitties+pre-drinking @ my place then house party
Tomorrow: Yoga. Then must find a way to see Starsky+ Hutch. I MUST SEE THIS MOVIE. no plans for the evening, probably stayin in.
Sunday: Rock climbing then dinner with an old friend.

Relaxin and maxin this weekend! woot woot!

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tonight - dinner and movies and quietness

saturday night - element for birthday fun and then the hooch!

sunday - birthday dinner for my stepdad


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Fri: Work, workout, Dinner and sleepover with JAR
Sat: early morning gym and then off to NOTL with my Mum and her boyfriend to celebrate her birthday....we are havin..Lobsta!!!! As my ma would say, (Boston accent)
Sun: Cross-boarder shopping and casino, dinner
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Tonight: nothing.
Tomorrow: Shopping for a b-day present, then quiet dinner and chilling with a coupla cool ass girls and a baby.
Sunday: L'auto show.

Big Cheese

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tonight - work then Jay-J @ Surface

tommorrow - relax and work on my exam

sunday - relax and work on my exam

and somewhere in there pop open the bottle of red i've been saving for 2 weeks n' counting

the end


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I dont know if i have the right date here or not but if you are all loyal zoolander fans liek i hope you all are the only thing anyone should be concerned about doing this whole weekend is seeing STARSKY AND HUTCH .
Peace .

ps , if i have the wrong date can someone please correct me so i know . TY :)
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tonight - work
saturday work - then go to the airport
sunday - sip on a margarita on the beach
monday - sip on a margarita on the beach
tuesday - sip on a margarita on the beach
wednesday - sip on a margarita on the beach
thursday - sip on a margarita on the beach
friday - sip on a margarita on the beach
saturday - sip on a margarita on the beach
sunday sip on a margarita on the beach


TRIBE Member
this weekend is all about sweet sweet relaxation. and sleep.

and catching up on some quality time with my boyfriend.

tonight: laundry, hanging at 220. then hanging with baldy.
saturday: brunch! then maybe hanging with the girls.
sunday: dim sum yum yum!! then hanging with baldy some more. yay!!!
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Friday - Theory for Roni & Kenny Ken
Saturday - Sleep, b/c I can't handle these 6am early morning parties anymore.
Sat night - b-day party
Sunday - not a god damned thing.


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Tonight: Theory
Saturday: Sleep, then SATC, Xtina on SNL and maybe rent a movie or two
Sunday: Re-learn how to be a journalist for my new gig at work on Monday


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Tonight - chilling with my mom - movie and dinner
Sat - no clue, chilling
Sunday - Antique market maybe - other than that chillin :D

oh and lots of sleeping


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Tonight: working, while my friends go to guelph to party for friends bday:(
Sat: working, then going to bf's play offs if he gets back from his meeting thing in toronto...then hanging with bf and friends.
sun: was supposed to go boarding at Blue...but doctor said i cant..because of my back...so ill probly just hang with the boy and maybe take my nephew out for the afternoon...skating i think!
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Tonight: gym, manicure/ pedicure, then I'm going to an AWARDS night at the Carlu
Saturday: going to Element with tha gurls
Sunday: chillaxin'


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It's a chill non-party weekend. Tonight we're having a friend over for dinner and movies: we're watching Pump up the Volume and Reality Bites, it's a theme night. Tomorrow night I'm going to this documentary about the art of film editing. There will probably be some going out for drinks after, but hopefully it won't turn into a total booze fest...


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I'm going to visit my Mom for the weekend and introduce her to my boy.

that's about it

lots of wine drinking i'm sure


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Tonight: Having a couple of cocktails at Wilde Oscar's and then if I get my way...System.

The rest of the weekend: Spinning class, yoga, smoking weed and shopping.

If it was summer, this would be my idea of the perfect weekend.


TRIBE Member
tonight - date with myself....shopping, takeout, tv and chilling with my kitty (and some laundry)

saturday - yoga, chores, element

sunday - home depot, ikea, spinning class, jump my boyfriend when he gets home

good weekend!!!

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