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Testy Icicles: Hot Beats to Warm Your Cockles (tech-house, breaks, electro)

Dr Funk MD

TRIBE Promoter
It's cold outside and I've got nothing better to do than spin music so I thought I'd record something.

There's some new stuff here but I've been digging through my older records lately and a lot of good tracks that I loved a couple of years ago I'm playing again. The result is a bit of old and new, breaks and tech, something of a hodge podge of sounds, like a good warm stew for your ears.


2raumwohnung - Ich und Elanine (2raumwohnung Club Mix)
Kalle-M - Dom
Laid - Me (Zoo Brazil Remix)
Gorillaz - Dare (Soulwax Remix)
Stanton Warriors - Blue
Elite Force - Shadowbox
Meat Katie & Elite Force - Nu-tron
Fex - What Girls Like
Thugfucker - Pocket Rocket
Christopher Just - I'm a Disco Dancer (John Tejada Remix)
Mike Monday - That Shit Was...?
Drama Society - The Accident
Steph Highland - Darksystem (Dub)
Fred Everything - Friday (Trentemoller Remix)
Booka Shade - Point Break
Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (Playgroup Vocal)
Holmar Filipsson - Killer Sun
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I like this mix. I really like it alot. Nice mash up of a Genres Really feeling the Glitchy Tech house.
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I love that Kalle-M track and its mixed with the first track so seemless - nice.

haven't got to the rest of it yet - just repeated that switch 3 times - i can't ever recalls vocals being mixed together - well sort of but not so well done.

Dr Funk MD

TRIBE Promoter
Thanks. The vocal mix was a bit of a happy accident that I came across messing around a while back. I liked the way it worked that I thought I'd try tossing in the mix.

Also, I've got most of my old mixes up on my site. Download and go nuts.
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Oh yeah. Like this mix! But then again, we've got a same-planet deal when it comes to musical preferences...

RetroElectroBreaksMashups rule!!!:)


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Dr Funk MD said:
Boo. I can't get tickets so it seems I'm not going either. :(

looks like we all slept on this one, let's have a drunken ladytron protest party that night instead

nice mix btw, love the tunes
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Dr Funk MD

TRIBE Promoter
Thanks everyone! If anyone cares I have a gig coming up at the end of the month. Keep you eyes and ears peeled.

And yes, Rich is gay.
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