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Tester - DCS905 Toronto Radio Mix


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I've been listening to this mix for a couple of weeks now. Would like to see them come play in BC but they don't seem to come out here often.
This guy is making some nice stuff IMO. If you like the remixed Ragga-Jungle sounds then check out this guy Tester.
One of my fav producers now.


01. Tester – Blaze It Up
02. Tester & Bounty Killer – Badman Bible Remix
03. Tester & Capleton – Think Before You Talk
04. Tester & I-Wayne – Can't Satisfy Her Remix
05. Tester & Jah Mali – Long Long Time
06. Tester feat. Beenie Man & Renee – Lose Control
07. Tester & Chief – I Want Your Body Remix
08. Tester & Sizzla – Live Longer
09. Tester & Sizzla – Love Is All
10. Tester – Idiot Sound
11. Tester – If War Dem A Want
12. Tester vs. Capleton – Dissin' Yuh Sound
13. Tester – Grin and Laugh (feat. Sizzla)
14. Tester & Bounty Killer – Rise Mi Gun
15. Tester – Real Shottaz
16. Sizzla – Show Me (Tester Remix)
17. Morgan Heritage – Tell Me (Tester Remix)
18. Ras Bumpa – Feeling Jah (Trilogy Sound Dubplate)

-James T
Turntable / NorthWestJungle.com

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