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TERRA in Montreal @ Blue Dog


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On Friday night the Intimate crew touched down @ Blue Dog in MTL along side Krinja & The Backstabber...........

Vise & SE7EN:

Stepped up to the decks around 12:30 . They started off with the usual brand new flavors and then started to move the (usually old school-oriented) crowd with the hard funk. They worked as one, with the same destination in mind.


The First Lady of drum'n bass graced the wheels of steel @ around 1:15. She was mezmerizing. She absolutely tore it down with slick mixes and mo'funk. She had people going off. it's the most noise I've ever heard out of the Blue Dog crowd.

I don't usually post party reiews, but I and all the rest of the Montreal Massive had a proper night of drum and bass. It was mad fun. Straight up.

One Love