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Term limits for Toronto City Council would solve many of Toronto's problems.


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Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon has suggested that term limits for Toronto City Councillors (and the mayor) would be a good thing, and I agree.

  • Would scrape out a lot of the crud in Council now.
  • Would encourage new and younger people to get involved in municipal politics.
  • Would reduce the impact of political parties driving the agenda at the expense of citizens.
  • Would curtail corruption that sems to become normal after politicians have been around too long.
  • Would limit how long we would have to put up with incompetent Councillors.
  • Would bring in new ideas and thinking.
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far too smart of an idea. no way you would get enough ppl that have been at the trough give up their fiefdoms considering they have zero talent to do any other job(not that being a toronto councillor requires any talent)

far too easy for various interest groups to get a councillor in their pocket and keep getting them elected to push their agenda


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have to consider what is reasonable given how long it takes to get anything done at council. Minimum two terms limit but three might be more reasonable - it can take a decade to foster a major project to completion. For mayor, however, given how disconnected they are from their constituents, two terms is reasonable.


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3 terms i have no problem with. there are councillors who have been in there for over 20 fricking years ffs!!
just think of your job and some of the dinosaurs in power who simply cant see a need for change and refuse to listen to anything that might streamline things or improve things
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Term limits came out of American fetishization of George Washington - and I've always felt they were anti democratic.

If the people want to keep voting in the same person that's their prerogative.

If you think someone has been in power too long then you run against them or work for someone who is.


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the office holder uses their budget to sponsor sports teams and other events that gives them a major advantage we have seen used again and again
not to mention oodles of free publicity

dont be so naive

unless you do something truly egregious a la bussin it is very hard to knock off an incumbent


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If someone is doing a bad job we vote them out. With the kind of turnover we have here in Canada it's not like we're a banana Republic that needs these to stop the military from ruling forever.

We also don't have the money issues like in America - we have controls on election financing that mean incumbent s can still be taken down pretty easily.

Sure incumbents have advantages and always will - but I'd hate to lose the chance to vote a great person back to office cause of some arbitrary rule put in by people who get a woody for American traditions.