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Tennis clubs downtown?


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I know a really good club at yonge and sheppard (clay and not expensive) but i don't want to cummute all summer for it, anyone know anywhere downtown core that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?
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Waterfront Tennis Club I think. There's also Mayfair Lakeshore that's a little further east on Lakeshore.

I'm not sure how many decent clubs there are in the actual "core". How far would you be willing to commute because I have a feeling that you may have to in order to find a decent club.



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deevah said:
there's a tennis club right @ the bottom of sherbourne & lakeshore, can't remember name

I think that's Mayfair Lakeshore. Really nice, but really expensive.

U of T has some outdoor courts... they're not very well maintained, but they'll do. There's also some public courts on Huron just north of Bloor.


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it's the waterfront, not mayfair

they've got an awesome patio too - which is open to the public...good food, great view
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I worked two summers at the WATERSIDE TENNIS CLUB, which is at the foot of sherbourne, right on the water. They are the cheapest club in the city, because you pay by the court time. So you pay a small membership fee, then every time you sign up for a court they charge you another small fee. They have some courts inside and outside too, and soccer! And a small gym area which is covered with your membership fee.

AND an awesome patio on the water!!


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there is the court at u of t off of the street parallel to george - it's a court reserved for trinity but it accepts members from outside, no lights though

the courts at shuter and jarvis now have lights but they are public and not so good (read: tennis fence for a net)

beaches is a bit east but not bad either, about 8 courts total


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waterside is a rip-off

closes at 8pm weekends and 11pm m-f

$550 for a summer membership with all court fees paid, and $299 for a court fees unpaid membership. they also have an off-hours membership for $180.

Fuck that. Just go to a public court for $70 with no court fees.
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there is also east york tennis club (o'connor and coxwell) which is pretty cheap and has great courts (i used to play there for years until i moved).

i'm actually thinking of rejoining this summer.

are there any players out there? i know jake plays, anyone else?