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Tenaglia @ Stereo + other debauchery


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I had been waiting for something to bring me back to stereo for some time now and there was no better opportunity than this. Whatever rumours you've heard about the sound system there are completely false. Danny is master and he blew the roof off the place.


He played a lot of sweet deepness at the beginning to warm up the crowd, tribal madness, some mind imploding techno, some classics, and whatever the else he wanted to play. He played the bells from pink floyd and holy sh!t did it ever do a number on me. The Oh Shit (black sensual woman) spoken word accapella, ended w/ the mashup of follow me/finally.

Again, many thanks to Mr. Morales & the stereo family for the hospitality. The platters of frozen jello shots and fresh fruit skewers were delectable. The massage table was booked up for hours (i tried to squeeze in a measley 15 min but either the music cemented me to the dancefloor or they were occupied). Thanks to James and Niko for all the help w/ tix prior to the show, Charlie for making sure our DTourists were looked after and all the security staff for showing our friends that bouncers don't have to be @$$holes. WHY IS THERE NO LIMONATA/ARANCIATA @ STEREO? we've got it @ sonic!

danny wrapped things up at about 3:30 in the aftn

The boy and I went back to Stereo the nite after for Siano. Had been planning to get there for 4:30 as we had heard Siano was playing @ 5. Woke up late and found out Nicky went on well earlier. Robert Ouimet was amazing though. Groovy disco tunes with a drag (Mado) show. However, songs such as I Will Survive and Enough is Enough....is enough. Girls, you need to get some better songs. Like a worn out pair of pantyhose.....

Best part of the nite, met a guy who was insistent on having us go back to his place to chill out on his patio. His roomie up the decks outside and played some ambient dubby beats while our new friend brought out his saxaphone and the 2 jammed for us in the brilliant sunshine.

By the time the yanks finally woke up, we headed to Beachclub where Danny et al will be playing for the Sundance Festival (pres by Global Gathering). Slightly outside of the city, this is a bit of miami/ibiza done cdn style. Outdoor dance floor complete w/ mist showers, pool, shallow lakes, volleyball courts, etc etc. All locals playing. The beats were too hard for my liking as I firmly believe that type of venue should play host to some deeper grooves. As my gf who lives in Mtl stated - she only visits this place 2x a summer and compares it to the Comfort Zone here in TO. She said the crowd is usually pretty sketchy but there were very few signs of that when we were there. Hey, if you play fucked up drug music, expect that kind of crowd.

There was a hommage to DT as he knew there were a fair amount of dtourists in the crowd. *yawn* I just heard the real deal for 15 hrs with the best set i had ever heard and NO ONE w3rks dibiza better. I appreciate the effort though, it was a nice gesture.

Sunday aftn - the TamTams. This is an outdoor drumming party that has been going for almost as long as danny's been around. Some of my friends had parents that went in their heyday. Hundreds of people chilled out in the park with their picnic blankets, from young to old, hippy to yuppie, all walks of life. Lots of pretty doggies. All different kinds of drums, not just tamtams. One guy had so much stuff to play with! From tambourines to (i counted @ least 8) cowbells, whistles, triangles, and a guiro (see pic)


This really was the gem of the wkend. What a great way to come back to earth literally. Just the gentleness of the place, sitting on lush grass and listening to the drums speak. Sometimes one group would stop and another one further away would stay with their groove. If i lived in mtl, this would be where i spend my Sundays. Had a similar vibe to Cherry Beach sundays here in TO.


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yum! tam tams! spent many a morning sketching out on the grass with my fellow ravers. cold drinks, weed, sunshine, peeps, being lazy and taking in the people around us. there are even hardcore geeks playing live D&D games.

sounds like a wicked weekend deevah!!


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B&S is only 1 of the 5 parties i'm planning to hit
i'm a marathon partier
and it's too bad i have to flyout tues nite b/c there's rumours dt is planning a rooftop party. He's thinking of playing through the fireworks
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deevah said:
Time - Pink Floyd - the opening looped..that's what danny played
That would've done a number on me too! on that system .. wow.

thanks for the nice review d.

So when is Danny boy coming to Sonic?
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ask me no questions and i'll tell you no lies

soon come child, soon come

let those speakers break in a little more first, it don't sound fittin' yet


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Danny also made a reference to feeling the 6 Hubert St vibe @ Stereo and said it was the future of the Paradise Garage

gave me goosebumbles :)