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Tenacious D @ Kool House

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So I drifted into the Kool House to see some of the D, and it was a different atmosphere let me tell you that. I didn't stay for very long because I had to meet people at element but Jack Black was putting on a humorous performance.

I sat there and laughed because I wondered where Tenacious D would be if Jack Black wasnt in the band.

Over all 7/10!


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Ha! What an awesome show!! I doubt you would appreciate it as much if you had not seen the video collection of their HBO shows, but really, for a comedic inspired acoustic rock duo, they kicked ass! Good energy, good lighting, good male prostitute blow job short film, AND I got one of JB's guitar picks.

Crowd was good, if somewhat strange being in a rock show crowd after a long time. It's wierd when people don't say excuse me before they barrel into you.. sigh.

Wicked time, I give the show 8 out of ten. For anyone unfamiliar with the D, go immediately to Suspect and rent their video compilation.


"..and then I'm gonna fuck you HARD!"

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My friends rented that video before the show from suspect. I think it would have been better if I saw it first for sure. Is it the same video that someone recorded and cut out the commercials?

I agree it was a real mix of people for sure!