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Tempo416 @ the Drake


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that was funtastic!

holy funk, doowanyne you opened up yah firecracker! good job frac!
I got lots of vid.. but man, you certainly can transition - sick.
Steph and I had a fucking whirl of a time :D

Dan and Curt - big up boys and respect to the toronto techno nation! the association! Dan leave the dj alone !!

All three dj's kicked buttocks!!! Skipp on the ones and two's raise the roof!

Gow was simply Gow.

great night out, looking forward to July!

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Awesome night,

I'd like to thank dan and curt for giving me a reason to come out of the burbs and into civilization once a month.. Music was TIGHT!! Dwayne was playing the illest of the new and the best of the old (planet rock what!?!), awesome set. Mixington was rockin it tight. And Greg Gow simply closed the night off perfectly.

Another drunken fiasco at the Drake successfully accomplished..


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I had such a good time last night! thanks again to dan and curt for having me out and lookin after me the whole night, you guys rock...and thanks to those of you who were there, especially when a rockin fukhouse was happening down the steet. Dwayne played some classic shit and greg was greg! Nice to play with both of you finally.

Doug, what are you planning to do with the video? I'm interested to see it...in the meantime Mark took some clips with the digicam...

(how do you embed youtube videos on tribe?)




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<3 Colin in that vid clip.

Last night was fabulous - we had a great time. Skipper's set was excellent - I left drenched in sweat and very happy.

Well done.


edit: and <3 babsteen screaming. heehee.


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props to dan and curt for another wikked installment of tempo. loved how dwayne was rocking everything last night, that guy is huge behind the decks. Sarah set was tight. wonder if dj'ing in heels makes it any harder. didn't get to hear much of greg's set, but i'm sure he rocked it anyway.

good to see the usual suspects and it was nice meeting some new people (again). can't wait for octave one.

on a much sadder note, i lost my digital camera :( . if anyone found a canon sd450 with pictures of a pink sombrero, please let me know.
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philly said:
wonder if dj'ing in heels makes it any harder.

I had this conversation with like 2 or 3 people last night - women learn to do EVERYTHING in heels without noticing.


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Rolled in to the basement around 11:30ish with friends. Always great to hear some beats while walking down the stairs, you know when you just passed by hearing...."drop it like its hot..." oh gawd...anyways, noticed pretty blond behind the decks, (Skipper?) laying down some beats. We got some drinks and get our groove on. Then Greg proceds to continue with awesome tunz, and the dood can mix, I gotta mention that again. Good job Greg. Still want to see the basement packed.

Keep it Tempo!


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what a stellar start to a crazy night. i had to meet up with some old friends so i didn't get to see as much of dwayne as i would've liked!! :( regardless, for the time i was there i was muchly impressed.

Skipper WHA?? i don't think i've ever heard her spin techno - which is odd, i know, but i haven't seen her spin much. nice minimal stuff with harder grooved to get our asses in gear.

by the end of Skipper's set i was pretty wasted and decided to go over to Glenn Underground. can't comment on Greggy. my review kinda sucks, but i think i got too drunk to quite recall the details. fun was had by all, nice to see the usual and not so usual suspects. nice to meet Poot!!
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yep, lots of great music. could have been more bodies but whatever.

i definately really really like dwayne's set, and skipper brought the minimal like i hoped she would --- the heels definately solicited good times!

another great job tempo.


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thanks to everyone that made it out,considering all the elements we were facing that evening(jazz festival,pride,fukhouse)the night went off pretty well.

dwayne,sarah and of course greg all ripped it up proper and represented themselves and tempo in the best of lights.sarah looked great in her heels and sounded just as good too,nice track selection and this lady is no slouch when it comes to the smooth mixing,look forward to seeing more of mrs.mixington in the future at our events.

greg,awesome to see you out behind the decks,it's been a long time and we go back a long,long way so it's was really nice listening to one of the guys that got me into this shit in the first place.keep up all the hard work with your djiing,production and the label and all good things will come.

dwayne,my bro you keep rocking it,rocking it...rock...rock...rock.you big fucking lurch behind the decks making them look like fisher-price toys.havent heard you lay it down for a couple of years good to see you havent lost your touch and you're still having a blast doing it,thanks dude.

to everyone that made it out,thanks,thanks,thanks for continuing to support our nights,collectivley we are making techno stronger and once again a relevant medium of music in this city.keep on pushing the word,i love you all.

next month:
Octave One Live!
430 West Records

Adam Winnick Live

Shamus Coghlan
807,Missing Unit

Stewart Douglas

hope to see you all there.




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the weekend is coming back to me in spurts:
JLV!!!! wooT!

don't make like you got some Footwork ticketgirl action when all you did was peck on the cheek. :p looking forward to more hot moves on the dancefloor, baby!


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oh Maria... don't hate! ;) certainly looking forward to tearing it up on the dance floor again soon!

my first Tempo night was amazing (and to think, I was actually waivering on going)! a good time was definitely had by all! Sarah spun a sick set (in heels to boot) and I certainly shook my little ass all night long.

looking forward to the next event fo sure. *whoot, whoot*
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ahhh... I don't know why I was thinking you only played techno when yer such a Misstress B. fan.

ever play trance out at a jam? would you? :D


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Since my 1.3 megapixel phone cam pictures sucked, I decided to spice them up to a level worthy of the event ... i think nichole makes as an appropriate patron saint for this hot nite!

Not sure if you the dood behind the mixing board was also responsible for the visuals, cuz he also sucked if he was... why bathe the perfomers in static for two hours?! My pic captured him surfing myspace sluts... even that would have been a better minimal techno aesthetic to support Sarah's
arching bass lines... Her set was a lot of fun but her projectiles never got banging enough enough for my tastes but perhaps she was just building a nice foundation for Greg who really ripped shit up with more quick transitions from housey plateaus to techno canyons!

I kept thinking I should skip upstairs for some house, but couldn't tear myself away... too hot!


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ah, the static was fun, especially watching dave smear himself on the screen.

i hope there's more girls in heals at the next tempo!


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i came, did the Watusi, and hopefully offended at least one person.

Tempo/Drake is a fun night and the music is always good. anyone that hasn't come out yet really must check it out.

great to see some new, yet familiar :) , people out for this.

looking forward to next month.
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'twas another fun night indeed. All three DJs killed it.
Dawyne, Sarah, and Greg.
That 2:45 clip of Sarah on youtube makes it sound likea club in Ibiza. Really nice and thumpy!!
See you att he next one. As always good ot see friends out.