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Tempo 416 Session 1


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Great Party!!
It was nice to hear some real deep techno. I got there right at 10:30 and the crowd was filling in. The tunes where nice minimal techno and the sound was great. When Coordiates went on it all started to happen. Mat played a wicked set and when our 313 Master went on the decks it was a pure infomation session. Mike grooved it deep and it was great to hear music like that on a proper system.

Great to see lots of the people love this music there and its a total shame that for 5 or 10 dollars more of the so called techno people where not supporting their own thought it was a full house.

Tempo was awesome and I look forward to move events.



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awesome jam! I feel like I've missed out on techno lately, and last night made up for that! Huckaby played some "hard" (non-detroit ;) ) stuff at the end which made me leave a happy camper. There was a nice variety. Lionel's set was great too, really deep deep groovy techno.

all of the heads were out last night, but in particular it was nice to meet adopted and Noah Pred.


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Thanks to everyone that came out. The party really went off - I look forward to next month when Arthur Oskan reminds us why he's the ish.



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Originally posted by Skipper
Huckaby played some "hard" (non-detroit ;) ) stuff at the end which made me leave a happy camper.

I thought hard techno sucked... and was played out!? ;)

I totally would've loved to hit this up... but uhhhh.... yeah... another one of 'MY' nights ruined.



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I got there around 1:30, I danced, I hooted, I hollered, I woke up and my head hurts -- good times. :)
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Buddy Holly

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First time out in over a year and it was a blast. Really cool venue for the event. Both Dan and Curt have found something special at the Drake. Congrats on a successful night. Matt's live PA was slick. Very slick. He was the master of the domain. Deep, edgey sounds that lifted the energy in the room way up. So many familiar faces out last night that reminded me why going out is so fun. Drinking and laughing with friends can really make a weekend something to remember. Mr. Huckaby played a great set. Right up until 2:30 when we left, he was playing exactly what I wanted to hear (good tunes). A great bag of tricks he brought with him.
I hope Tempo will continue to be successful in the months to come. It was a great start last night. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.



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great night.... really nice turn out for this event... I got in just before 11 but by midnight it was really filling up... Huckaby played a really nice mix of stuff, spinning a little of something for everyone which was cool because it was a diverse crowd.... got to meet mrs. peacock and skipper! (tribe is the great organizer the people!) ran into some old friends too! sound system was perfect for the size of the space... hmm... that's all i have...


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Had an awesome time, Congrats to Curt and his crew, and lovely girl for an amazing techno night at the Drake. Great decor, great atmosphere, great sound, hot people, pure funs...

Matt your set was stellar as usual, no one sounds or plays like you, Toronto's lucky to have an artist that produces such original sounding techno!

Mike, the man just stands the test of time. Hope he keeps up the repeat visits.

Brandon, thanks for the pure hospitality and wicked production tracks. Sorry I had to cap the night early, (5am), but I had to drive...

Can't wait to hear Arthur at the next one...

Hopefully I'll get to contribute to one of these techno nights in the near future...



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Great event, once again Drake underground is a nice venue for a little techno party!! Last time I was there was for Ferrari and last nite was Huckabay (sp?)

Wicked tunz all nite, great crowd! Hopefully there will be more to come.!!!


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sorry I didn't make it out to this...(fuck I can't wait until i'm living downtown again:( )
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wow.thanks to everyone who made this night a success.

thanks to lionel,matt and mike for delivering the goods and showing the crowd what techno is all about.

thanks to all the beautiful people getting down and enjoying themselves all night.

thanks to the usual 'techno' suspects who are always down to support the cause-doug,dub,arthur,erik,Jgirl,shamus,adam,skip,sarah,ian et al.

there were alot of missing faces i was expecting to see,thats too bad they missed a great jam.

tempo is back in february.

big,big,big, things planned for spring.keep your ear the streets for more deets.





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I went there not knowing what to expect at all... never been to the drake.....
was not to sure how many people would show up either...

As usual the night turned out way better then i what i could have expected.

I loved the space, and it was so awesome to see so many people there. IT was a very tightly run little night.

Curt - i saw your wife, but i did not see you, i forget what you look like. Anway congratts guys !!!

It's nice to see people out again supporting techno & the communtiy.


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Excellent Job Curt & Dan!!

Venue was steller - sound was steller and the nights music providers were on point.

Dunlop (LT) played an awesome opening set - good job brotha!

Was really digging Huckaby sound aswell....great to see so many familiar faces - looking forward to the next installment!



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I had fun. Those $11 martinis really kicked my ass though, especially coming after some significant pre-drinking action - read: how many cosmos can you guzzle in an hour? :\ The Drake staff shakes up a damn good martini but I got too drunk! Hopefully, I didn't make a complete ass of myself, staggering around the joint.

The Drake underground is a really nice spot for a little techno shindig. The place filled up to a comfortable density – not too packed but not at all sparse. The music was on. I thought the visual installations were pretty cool too – the 'white noise' one gave the whole room a technology-like atmosphere. Nice party. I'd go again. :)


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Good night out. Thanks to the tempo 416 crew (Dan & Curt) and performers that night.
Lionel started the night of right. Mellow yet dancefloor friendly bumpin'. His tracks just melt together. Nicely done.
Matt played a great live pa. A big fan.
Mike came and played 'er hard. It was quite nice.
The underground at the Drake is pretty nice. You don't have to wait in that crazy line to get into the upstairs bar. I love the old 'school' floors down there. The sound is quite good.
The place was full with lots of good people. Glad to see you all - except for the woman who mashed my foot to a pulp in her drunken stumbling. Ouch.
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Buddy Holly

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Yeah that was funny. After Doug tapped her leg trying to wake her up, she attempted to stand up to find another place to sit but gravity had other plans for her. By the time she stood up after a failed attempt, momentum carried her forward and DOWN!! She cleared four people in a 'bowling ball hits the pins' kinda way. I guess later when she was attempting to get her coat from behind one of the seats and she toppled right over on her face. People just stood/sat there in horror as she assembled herself again and wobbled out the door. Fun times indeed.