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telus sucks


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i made a complaint through their website.. cause i caught one of their customer service reps in a lie.

so then i jsut get a call from them.. and the dude tells me that they're acknowleding that the person mislead me... but they still ain't going to do shit abotu it to make me happy.. even though I spend about $3000 a year with them..

so ya.. i want to complain to someone higher up! there was a thread about this before.. but i can't find it!

p.s. telus can lick my balls


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EVERY time we have problems with Telus (and we have a lot of problems with them) we threaten to buy out our contract and we get put through to the "loyalty" depatment and our problem is usually fixed.
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I hate to say it but after dealing with Rogers and Bell, Telus is in my good books..not to mention they are (rumor) getting this phone as early as Monday..and it looks hot (though the operating system is getting some bad reviews).



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telus had some technical problems with their text messaging and when I phoned them about it they were pleasant, to the point and entirely unhelpful.

at least they were polite when they told me I was shit out of luck.


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I would think the buyout threaten tactic is good.

Rogers peeps, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I can buy my way out of my 3 year deal with Rogers for 200 bucks(I think it's $20 month to a max of $200). My cell bills tend to run around 60 bucks.

So I'd say:

3.5 months of normal use = 200 bucks = buyout


$1440 = 24x60bucks (I have about two years left)

Ask them which they would prefer.
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I didn't steal your damn phone! noodle did! she was all hungry eyes to it while dancing. I saw her.

also, I think I love her, will she run away with me?


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i'm blaming everyone around me for the loss of my phone. it's the first time in 12 years of cellular ownership that such has occurred.

remember Cantel Amigo? i had that in 94, and now i have nothing.

keep the FUCK away from my noodle.


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They delayed my evenings and weekends deal by an hour when i wasn't looking, and i've been paying 5x what i expect per minute. That's prime calling time, Telus bitches! :mad:
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I find Telus pleasant to deal with. I just upgraded my phone recently, didn't like what they offered me online so I called in and negotiated a new deal with them.


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I can't believe what people pay for cell phones.

The world turned just fine for 1990 years without the wastes of plastic in our society.


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haha, 1990 years.
actually it's been 6000 years since god made the world.
he got around to cellphones in the late 1980's.
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