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Telus Contracts.


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I'm currently on a 2 year contract with Telus. I had to pay a 200$ deposit when I activated my phone because my credit was too new.

How/when can I get that deposit back?

I signed up in May.

The Tesseract

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Telus is run by a bunch of bastards... consider that money gone.

Others might be more encouraging than I, but Telus has left a sour taste in me. That's why i switched to Rogers.


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Yes cause Roger's consumer rating is so amazing....

Not that I work at Telus, nor would recommending to do so to anyone, but they were consistently rated the best out of the 17 north american carriers.

After one year of service, Telus will mail you cheque for the equivalent of your deposit.

The only time they won't do that is if you failed to pay your bills (repeatedly, ie. 3 months or more + grace period) and they cancelled your service as a result. In which case they will deduct your deposit from the balance owing.



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If I weren't locked down on Bell I would switch to Telus so fast. I have friends that have abused their "backing down from threats to cancel" policy like whoa. Plus their phones are way sexier.


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Thanks! The only thing I've not been happy about is my cell phone itself, and I was hoping to get the deposit back and use it for an upgrade.