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courtesy of my good friend Erik aka Erk ( www.beats.to ) "too all my friends" a 65 minute journey of messin' around is in RealPlayer format for easy listening... if you so desire...

i couldnt find the original post, so here is the link...


here is the track listing....(in artist's and label only)

Greg Gow - Restructured Recordings
Shapes n' Forms - Restructured Recordings
Johannes Heil - Kanzleramt
Mateo Murphy - Zen
Greg Gow - Zen
Dj Preach - Default
Voco Derman - Restructured Recordings
Joel Mull - Inside
Marco Carola - Design
Ignacio - Music Man
Ritchie Hawtin - M_nus
Joey Beltram - Bush
Christian Varela - Sessions
Christian Varela - Primate
Christian Varela - whitelabel
Marco Bailey - Primate
Joel Mull - Primate
Heiko Laux - Uturn
Reinhardt Voight - Kompakt

there are a few shady spots on here, but its a live recording..no runthrough, no restarts.

recorded January 2002

if you want a cd, come get one... (thread link below)


be sure to check out Erk's show on www.beats.to "focus" ...quiet & humble this boy's got some skillz.... ranging from minimal,to deep, to hard techno ( my style!!) saturday's 8 pm live and always archived! :)




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Thanks for sending me your set Tekkid. Guys, I've got to say he really does an amazing job. I have been blown away by Tekkid's sets time and time again. I look forward to the Krome date where I'll get to hear Tekkid on a nice loud system. Or for the out of towners check out his show @ djshows.com. Always fun.


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I picked up that Dj Preach track when I was in Montreal last time as well....I like the deep fuckin' bass drop that leads into the break down....sweeeeettt!!!
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