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Teh Weekend Thread!

Hi i'm God

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Huzza I'm making it this week cause I dont see it.

Friday: Batcholer party for my Aunts future Hubby.
Sat-Sunday Drunken stoned stupor
Friday - Holden, seeing Stuck on You in the afternoon.
Saturday - chillin. Probably watching one of the Alien Quadrilogy discs (probably the restored cut of Alien 3).
Sunday - Getting ready for the new job
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super low key weekend
Friday - rent videos smoke some reefer
Saturday - dog walking - shopping - chilling with friends
Sunday - sleeping in - dinner at moms for aunts birthday

Boss Hog

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Friday - Selling my colour TV, that should keep her off the street a whole day
Saturday - cousin's birthday in Peterborough
Sunday - cleaning house/web work.


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Way to keep it Fri-Sun, people!


Friday - yoga then bsharps festivus

Saturday - work then out for dinner with my brother then Leafs/Rangers game at the ACC then Christmas party in Ajax

Sunday - gym, work on paper, chill.


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friday - ? christmas shopping maybe
saturday - party at steve's cousin's house, then a houswarming
sunday - hockey
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Originally posted by Boss Hog
Friday - Selling my colour TV, that should keep her off the street a whole day
Saturday - cousin's birthday in Peterborough
Sunday - cleaning house/web work.
yeah, but are you sleeping?


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- nice romantic dinner with Chooch and Iza at Terroni's:p
- then some dancing dancing dancing...

-finishing up christmas shopping

- Christmas party with a real Santa
- going to the christmas store in NOTL.
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Subsonic Chronic

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Friday - bsharps Festivus party. A Festivus miracle will be upon us, but first - the feats of strength!

Saturday - Work Christmas party. Don't think I'll be sticking around all that long... maybe I should find something for afterwards?



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What a weekend coming up!

Friday: work, then Lord of the Rings I & II at night to refresh for the final installment

Saturday: work, then gathering upon Queen East, then off to Lurch's for a saturday evening get together.

Sunday: big breakfast in the mornin', then an afternoon of adventure w/ PolishPrincess.

Monday: work, then off to the company christmas party with PolishPrincess.

yee. haw.



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Happy Birthday!

FrI: Day off, Lunch with bestest DJ ever, dinner at the keg, Bday fun with George Carlin, then Holden

Sat: Clean condo. Party at said Condo

Sun: Watch the Pirate movie again maybe


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fri: smoking some reefer and hanging out at home. gym.
sat: xmas shopping on weed! yay! then timothy's pad, then maybe something else...
sun: nothing! more gym. maybe yoga.
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Temper Tantrum

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-Timmah's bday party
-Tanning with robin
-Job hunting
-renting Simpsons Road Rage
-Romantic dinner a me
-hanging out with ritika
- Elmood Spa
- Getting motherfucking excited for the Lion King



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Tonight: Hockey
Tomorrow: Survivor, Leafs game on tv
Friday: Holden!
Saturday: Nothing, watching Leafs game on tv
Sunday: Survivor finale!
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