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teebee @ madbar


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nice sized crowd out for a thursday night. arrived whilst Marcus and Tasc were going b2b.

Marcus' last track.. was fucking insane! Crazy, rabbit punch bass with lunatic snares.

then, while Marcus was MC'ing... Tasc bunned down the place and left the front right speaker on fire. lol.

Teebee stepped up and played some fucking TUNES!


He had this one track... that had a sample in it...



now... if you were going out to raves back in the day.. you'd remember a song that went ".... INSOMNIAC... I.. COME...BACK!"

man... that tune made me feel good. Just the sample alone brought back so many memories.

Teebee's first rewind.... DERRRRRRRRRSCH!!!!!!!

what. a. fucking. tune.

ended up playing it out a bit too long but man... what a sick and heavy bassline.

anyhow... he came on almost 40 minutes late (at least thats what it felt like) ... and the waiting tired us out.. so we ended up leaving at about 1:30. Not even an hour after Teebee took to the decks.

I'm sure he tore it up though.

how was the second half of his set?

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Have seen teebee 5-6 times - always a superb time!

pictures will be up on dnbnation.com tonite.

patri©k - The other dj was sek not Tasc. The 1st rewind was "future prophecies - magnetic". tune of 03' imho. :eek: