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Teddy Douglas


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Teddy Douglas selected Tracklist
**All Songs Produced By Teddy Douglas for Basement Boys Productions

1. Dialogue - Basement Boys & Those Guys
2. It's Over Now - Ultra Nate
3. Tonite - Those Guys
4. Lift Every Voice - Mass Order
5. Searchin' - 33 1/3 Queen
6. Gypsy Woman - Waters, Crystal
7. Leave A Light On - Wash, Martha
8. Feelin' - Jasper Street Company
9. Bad Girls - Gold, Xavier
10. 100% Pure Love - Waters, Crystal
11. Love Love Love - Those Guys

any other favorites?

I used to kill God helps those who help themselves-JAsper Street Company @ the Living Room oin Sundays.


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i was shocked to find out he was 33 1/3 queen on Nugroove- Searchin, that some old school classic shit. I love the b-side of that record as well.