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technomeet 4.0


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couldnt make it.
How was Theorem?
Someone told me that Sutekh was some next level shit.
Lets hear it!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


theorem funked up the joint - he come on after sutekh, who played a sweet stripped down funky set (a bit TOO minimal for my liking) - theorem was bouncing beats all over the place - very nice stuff!


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i had a *great* time at this event.

dj lotus did a great job warming everyone up for the onslaught of live techno that was to follow.

i enjoyed naw's set. it was a lot more dancey that what i've ehard of him before.

as i hadn't heard sutekh before, i was looking forward to his set. i was pleasantly surprised with the dancey music that he created.

theorem finished off the evening nicely, playing some familiar stuff. i don't get to hear dale often, so this was a nice treat.

the crowd was great... not the stereotypical 'technosnob' crowd at all: people were friendly, smiling and *dancing*.

the pixel board in front of the equipment was a nice touch:

"techno meat tastes good with mayo and some of those little pickles."

thanks dave for throwing this event; i can't wait till the next one.



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