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Technologix M2 Charity Marathon


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Sweet space, great sound (tho the monitors were a tad muddy), cool people (Laura's friend Amanda - *dayum!*) albeit a bit underattended (same as last year, more people out for the Saturday night Housemusique). Everyone I heard play was slammin', nice, deep driving and rolling trax all morning.

It's for a great cause, chekkit on Sat/Sun for more of the goods...

tired now, bowl-n-bed...nitey.

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Well I got there around midnight, it was totally empty, so I left. I felt a bit guilty (all this for a good cause) but what can you do...



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yeah, I did the same thing, Liquid, but mostly cause my friends and I wanted to hit the bar first...

Originally posted by Harmonika:
Cool people (Laura's friend Amanda - *dayum!*

*LOL* yeah, she's a sweetie eh!? *S*



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I made it out for a bit on Sat.
Wasnt too bad from what I heard. Some of the DJ's just werent putting there heart and soul into this..

straight cuts- no beatmatchin?
Least the tracks were bumpin!



Space was great, sound was great, music was great.....

...where were all the people ???

I noticed a few familiar faces, and noticed a few familiar faces were too cool for this event *cough*Laura & company*cough*

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I went on Friday and Saturday.

On friday, ran into Emil, Amanda Kim & her cousin Sarah from out west. Was nice to chill with them. We left at the end of Lotus set on Friday because certain ppl felt he need to consume fermented vegetable juices..of which there were none @ M2 that night.

Saturday night chilled for a bit with a friend, until it got rather boring..mind you mettle crew was more intersting than techmologix crew. On saturday there were more people. I attribute this to the fasct that assahol, er alcohol was aviable that night. It encouraged people to stick around instead of just poking their heads in, seeing it was sparse and go: "Dur, its dead, lets get alcohol instead"

Honestly, if people would've stuck around instead on friday night it would've been busy enough for there to be some kind of vibe besides emptiness.

The sound was rather pitiful, seeing as it sort of echoed and rumbled through the nearly empty space. Best set that I caught while there was Lotus. Vortex made himself look a little foolish when he made the speakers hum as opposed to pump..and I totaly failed to get why he was scratching when/the way he was. Awesome tune selection though.

Overall I'm glad I went.

peace n' respect



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I hit up M2 on both Friday and Saturday with a wicked and wild crew... hmm... rather, I think most of this crew stood around and talked and watched those Japanese martial art flicks. Nonetheless, there were some good tunes, though the venue was rather *devoid* during the times I was there. I sure hope things picked up, since it was a great idea with great intentions.

I'm glad they turned the disco ball off on Friday. I was initially disappointed to find it once again in operation on Saturday, but I overcome my despondency once I found out how fun it was to stare at the discolights on the floor and walk counter circle to the rotation of the disco ball. Hey - even if that's no revelation to anyone else, it sure was trippy and a barrel of laughs to me. Amanda refused to join the revolution :(

Spacecase - You almost make the run for last call sound like "a bad thing". I love pub conversation. 'twas good times, for sure.

Tyler - It's like Polkaroo all over again. We're always at the same events, but never run into each other, wot?

*cheers!*, and have a good day,
- E :)