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Talking to alot of you- I think this is a good idea. Tekbabe is down- Im down- Doug is down- Wes is down. Im sure all of you will be. Id offer my house- but its attached on both sides and you cant get very loud here.

So maybe we can all pool together and come up with something decent?

The Electrician

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well how many peeps are we talking here in a house... I have parties in my basement. but it can hold about 60-70 people...

we would charge 5 bucks at the door. and there would be Booze N' Techno...

I wouldnt want fifty billion people showing up... or there would be problems.. but maybe my house...



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i'm down as I allready stated in the other post... hey tyler maby you will actually show up to this party like u say u will


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Yes Im a bastard. But .. hot girls!
Oh its a tough choice.

Wes dont you live in Hamilton?
I would like to call a DJ slot right now. Reserved for ENGINE.

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and i would like to battle this Engine guy...

i will get back to yah's...my house may be avail.....



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I wonder how many people would show out in Whitby.

How many people are down for this? Lets see some hands. Techno?



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Hell, my parents live in Oshawa, so I can get blitzed, and crash @ their place.

Also, wouldn't mind the opportunity to spin.
Tekkid and @m (how's the cd, man) can vouche for me


Derek aka Neurotek
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