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techno - Trevor 'isoprax' Wilkes - Home Mix Revisited


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This mix got itself deleted when I switched servers back in January, January being the 1 year mark from when it was recorded. I don't know if that matters, but I thought I'd toss it in anyway. This isn't a new mix. Some of you may have heard it when I first put it together in Jan. 2005, but like I said the old link is kaput. I was actually told this mix was one of the ones that still gets played due to it's variety and fun nature. Cool.

From hard to minimal, quircky to jerky, blam to boink, it has it all!

Neil Landstrumm "Praline Horse (Jay Deham Blackman Remix)" Tresor 54 [Praline Horse Ep]
Nico Awtsventin "Prototexture" Tronic [Prototexture Ep]
Lester Fitzpatrick "Rush Hour" Relief 756 [Untitled Ep]
Mark Seven "Nude" Mint 1 [Zulu Ep]
Mark Seven "Nude" Mint 1 [Zulu Ep]
Louis Bell "Buzz Time" Emotive Tracks 325-1 [Welcome To The Show Ep]
Children Of Night "Squeeze" Deepfried 08 [In The Dark Lp]
Mark Seven "Zulu" Mint 1 [Zulu Ep]
Mark Seven "Zulu" Mint 1 [Zulu Ep]
Sutekh "Parse" Background 10 [Obvious Solutions To Everyday Problems Ep]
Ides "Limer" Acid Fuckers United 15 [Limer Ep]
Alter Ego "Absolute" Klang 75 [Untitled Ep]
Dj Deeon "Feel Me" Ghetto Series 5 [720 The Turning Ep]
Dave Tarrida "Humantics" Tresor 161 [Humantics Lp]
Bill Youngman "Abdominal Discharge" Neue Heimat 17 [Sloppy Stomp Ep]
Neil Landstrumm "Untitled" Scandinavia 12 [Pro-X-ess Ep]
Freaky Chakra "Vectorhead" Astralwerks [Blacklight Fantasy Lp]
Jeff Samuel "Moniss" Spectral 23 [Awt Ep]
Big C "Bullit Hard On The Boulevard (Like A Tim Version)" Mosquito 21 [What's The Sp? Ep]
Gene Farris "Perkin Hard" Relief 773 [Untitled Ep]
D.H.S. "House Of God" White [Unknown Bootleg]
Paul Johnson "Motherfucker" White
Cari lekebusch "Fender Cue" Kaun Trax 3 [Tyrant Ep]
Claude Young "How Is Your DNA?" MB Electronics [Altamiran Ep]
Ides "Loud And Dirty Mix 2" Acid Fuckers United 15 {Limer Ep]
Funk D'Void "Bad Coffe (Slam No Sugar mix)" Soma 52 [Bad Coffee Ep]
Aeox "Music We Had" Mental Industries 2.2 [How Do You Wannit Cooked? Ep]
Hanno Hinkelbein "Hot Wheels And Hairy Butts" Null 0.8 [Friendly Fire Ep]
Bob Brown "Untitled" Framework 11.5 [Untitled Ep]
Surgeon "La Real (mix 2)" Counterbalance 2 [La Real Ep]
Lester Fitzpatrick "L Trax" Relief 756 [Untitled Ep]
ADJD "Believe" Poker Flat42 [Stocktown Bizniz Ep]
John Tejada "Sweat On The Walls" Poker Flat 52 [Sweat On The Walls Ep]
Armand Van Helden "Work Me Godamit 96" Henry Street Music [Old School Junkies Part 2 Ep]
Blue Maxx "Relay" Synewave 23 [Smooth Landing Ep]
Cari Lekebusch "Aterkommen" Hybrid 1204 [Reverted/Aterkommen Ep]
Denard Henry "Blaq" Cipher 6 [Daywalkers Volume 1 Ep]
Tobias Schmidt "For Ex." Mosquito 6 [Finger Print Ep]

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