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[techno] The Winter Mix


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Pulled this together awhile back. Lots of different types of techno and hard house:

[SOUNDCLOUD]https://soundcloud.com/mattdublin/matt-dublin-the-winter-mix [/SOUNDCLOUD]
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Here's another one just in time for this polar vortex:


1 Truncate Another One
2 Unknown Distorted View
3 Butch Delusion
4 Owen Sands Sphinx Principle
5 Mark Broom Nucleus
6 Artist SongTitle
7 DJ Hyperactive 25 Hours
8 KiNK Fantasia (Truncate Remix)
9 TWR72 Balance
10 French Fries Journey To Kepler (Len Faki Remix)
11 Nikola Gala Exhale (Mark Broom remix)
12 DJ Hyperactive transceiver
13 Luca Lozano Mister Right Now
14 Butch Busy B
15 James Welsh Gentinetta
16 Charles Fenckler District Two
17 Unknown Tape 3
18 DJ Hyperactive Venus
19 Len Faki & Johannes Heil Happy 808
20 Drumcell Departing Comfort
21 Ben Sims Neurosis (Surgeon Remix)
22 Maxime Dangles Amsterhodes
23 Maxime Dangles Cryptik (Johannes Heil Radiant Remix)
24 Randomer Bring
25 DJ Hyperactive Music_box
26 Randomer Bring
27 Unknown Tape 4
28 Dj Skull Revenge of the Synth
29 Lester Fitzpatrick Birdsong