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in chatting with a friend about the upcoming hawtpantz gig, she mentioned that even though she's not down with his latest stuff, she feels obligated to go 'cause there aren't that many "good, big techno acts that come through toronto."

reading that mills thread got me thinking about this too . . .


do you folks ever feel obligated to go to shows even though you don't specifically have an interest?

what makes you feel obligated?

how do you fight it (if you do)?


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at one time i think i did, now i just can't be botherd caring that much..

how do i fight it... being broke helps, wanting to spend my money on other stuff... not going just because i feel obligated to


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really want to see an act, feeling spontaneous of checking something unusual out, and hanging with friends are the only reasons why i go out..
i guess besides performing or hosting..

i did go through the feeling of being obligated to be at some events before due to the respect for the act and/or the promoter but lately that just result in me wanting to come home to play my recs or produce something..

truthfully there hasnt been too many acts i feel really want to see/hear that has been coming through toronto.
the better going out sessions have been results of the surrounding and atmosphere..
i believe an event is solid is more than just the musical act, the promoter's intent does always come through in the deeper states..
thats something you can't fake.. same goes for an act..


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the only time i feel somewhat obligated is if it's a dj/artist i really want to see that i haven't seen before.

ie. oliver lieb (completely obligated!) :)


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i never go to clubs out of obligation

i either want to, or i don't

it's not fun if someone is forcing you to do it ...
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speedy fucking J.

I swear by the hair on my choda.... the only time I've ever even felt a 'hint' of obligation.. was the very moment I heard Speedy Fucking J was coming to town.

the next time I will feel this obligation... will be when any of the following DJs make it known that they will be stopping over in this fair city:

Richard Bartz

Frank Lorber


Gayle San

DJ Murphy



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I personally only go out if I like who is playing. If that artist isn't doing anything for me then I don't go.
Could be one reason why I so rarely go out for enjoyment...the last two parties that I remember going to were the safety scissors/twerk and the pantytec jams (both good!)

still waiting for landstrumm again...it's been a few years :)


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I would never go to any night because of a sense of obligation. The closest I would come to that feeling would be making damn sure I get my ass out to smaller jams that people I know are throwing because that's where one or two people make a difference (ie: a crowd of 25 as opposed to a crowd of 500), and even then it's out of respect rather than obligation.

I have felt guilty for missing nights before but that was more because I told people I would be there and then bailed. That's not cool, but it happens.


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I don't feel obligated to go to anything.
Having said that, I do like to support the locals I like and such. But when I don't want to go out, I don't go.


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I do feel obligated somewhat, but it's more the sense of "what if his set is spectacular - legendary - and I miss it?!" that nags me.
I regret not going to speedy J, but I fell asleep and missed it...
But I think "what if this is one of those sets that people still talk about in 3 years?" and I want to be there in case it is.
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Destro Sanchez

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I know the feeling.

I get some pretty bad guilt trips from some peoplez if I don't go to their parties/sets.

(techno's not too hard to get out to, but making my way out to a jungle night for a friend is tough..)

I used to support more than I could afford, now I've cut back to weekends and even then I'm staying in sometime....I've even spent a weekend without dancing this year!!! (well, the weekend after new years eve......so that might of been the reason)

(can't wait to sweat it out at peroxide this saturday, peroxide is best when it's not a heat wave...)
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Originally posted by ian
I do. I quite like Closer. Am I the only one?

-ian g.

quite like is such strong terminology. I don't think anyone else would quite like it the way you do.




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Originally posted by Skipper
have we established that his system gig is part of a tour for Closer?

Check the new e-vite in the upcoming events room to see that it is indeed part of the Closer tour. I guess this is "round 2."

-ian g.