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Last night I jimmy jammed at The Labyrinth Lounge for the 'Dizzy Funk' House night. As usual I had my trusty iRiver with me and plugged it in. This 2+hour recording is the result of hitting the little red button.

I don't normally play this stuff. Well not all together at one time. I always mix it up and toss in whatever I like but I don't usually play a whole set of it (is what I was trying to say). So basically this is a House set, spun by a Techno junkie. I don't ever set out to buy House, these are just records that I've bought over the years because I thought they were good. Turns out I was finally asked to play them for other people. Which is good I guess. I can only play them for myself at home so many times before they start to feel like they've been wasted (records have feelings too you know.

Ignore the record skip between tracks 4 & 5. That was the result of a particularily clumsy lady walking too close to the turntables ;)

Trevor Wilkes - March 25th @ The Labyrinth Lounge, Toronto

01 - Cherry Bomb "Confusion" Music Man 75
02 - Paul Johnson "It's A Love Thang" Loaded
03 - Justus Kohncke "Was Ist Musik (Wasserman Acid Mix 1)" Kompakt 68
04 - Nuts & Bolts
05 - Eddie Richards "Eightone 8" Visitor 27
06 - Inner City "Big Fun (Octave One Rebalanced Remix)" 430 West
07 - Robert Owens "I'll Be Your Friend" ?
08 - Irene Cara "Breakdance" Network
09 - Twilight 22 "Siberian Night" Hot Classics
10 - Kraftwerk "Expo 2000 (Francois K & Rob Rives Mix)" EMI
11 - Pierre "Give Me What I Want (Tribal Mix)" Strictly Rhythm
12 - Abe Duque & Blake Baxter "Unknown" Abe Duque
13 - Steve Poindexter "Computer Madness (D'Julz Remix)" Roots
14 - Abe Duque & Blake Baxter "Unknown" Abe Duque
15 - Armando "Confusion's Revenge" Fix
16 - The People Movers "C Lime Woman" ?
17 - Ron Carroll "The Sermon" Subliminal 51
18 - T.M.F. "Got To Be Free (Feel Good Mix)" Onslaught 1
19 - Jurgen Paape "So Weit Wie Noch Nie" Kompakt 62
20 - Brommage Dub "Hot Roti" Svek 41
21 - Chez Damier "Unknown" White
22 - Da Rebels "House Nation Under A Groove" Ugly Music 9
23 - Cool House "Rock This Party Right" Westside
24 - Trevor Rockliffe & Blake Baxter "Work That Body" Tresor 123
25 - Cherry Bomb "Bursting Out" Music Man 68
26 - Steve Bug "November Girl" Poker Flat
27 - Nuts & Bolts
28 - Eddie Richards "I Like That" Visitor 27
30 - John Tejada & Justin Maxwell "Mind Bend (Vocals By Daneil Bell)" Palette
31 - Troy Pierce "King Contrary Man" Minus 29
32 - Safety Scissors "Fridgelife (Spray 'n' Spnoge Mix By Safety Scissors & PJ Pooterhoots)" Proptronix 7
33 - John Tejada & Justin Maxwell "Madness" Palette
34 - Troy Pierce "Girl Down By The River" Minus 29
35 - Acid Kid "It's 2005 Jack: Did You Notice?" Acid Kid 3

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