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Techno/House/Progressive/TechHouse/Minimal Vinyl - $5 each

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by jeffpayne, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. jeffpayne

    jeffpayne TRIBE Member

    I'm selling this stuff. Let me know if you want the Excel file for easier viewing:


    Artist Title Label
    10,000 BC Whatever EP Junior London
    Agaric & Druce Logan Killer!! LuxaFlex
    Basek & Ed Function Fo_Sek Heedron/(Kriece Rmx)/(Dave Robertson Rmx) Kindred Sounds
    Beat Brothers Reality Soul Brother
    Colfax Parasite EP End Recordings
    Ctrl Baby(Haven't Seen You Lately)/Smoke Niche
    Didier Sinclair Lovely Flight EukaHouse
    Dirty Dirty(E-Dancer Rmx's) Junior London
    Exit Strategy Sleepwalking EP Intrinsic Design
    Felix Da HouseCat Silver Screen
    Halo, Hipp-e, Tony Three to Tango Tango
    Hatiras Spaced Invader Remixes(signed) International House Records
    Jackson What People Say/What People Do VA
    Julez My Groove Planetarium
    Kitch Crew The Box Creative Music
    Ladytron Seventeen(Slam RMX's)
    Len Lewis Dark Cavern Poodle
    Len Lewis Paradise People Poodle
    Mathew Jonson Decompression Minus
    Measure Distance Niche
    Powder Productions Powder Beats E.P. Glasgow Underground
    Red Moon Centipede/Caterpillar EukaHouse
    Sia Drink to Get Drunk Long Lost Brother Music
    Sifter Departure Honchos Music
    Simian Modile Disco (Blue Vinyl) Sleep Deprivation(Simon Baker Rmx) Infant
    Slam Alien Radio (double pack) Soma
    Slam Alien Radio/Paul Daley RMX Soma
    Spirit of the Boogie Rainbow Seeker Junior London
    Sven Vath Fire (double pack) Virgin
    Synthetic Funk Ice Dragon/Dark Sun Console
    Tec-Coco Tec-Coco Vol. 2 Groucho
    Tekel Creteil Connexion/Tutut Initial Cuts
    Wally Lopez & Dr. Kucho Weekend E.P. Weekend
    Wally Lopez & Dr. Kucho Never Leave the House Weekend
    Wighnomy Brothers Okkasion EP Freude-am-Tanzen 029
    Zero I.D. Number 3 Zero I.D.

    Progressive House

    Artist Title Label

    2 Boys 1 Girl Twisted Baroque
    Argonaut Cut 'n Groove/Almost Cyber
    Argonaut Don't Mess With Me/Your Body is a Temple Cyber
    Bang Musica Plastica
    Bismark(G.Bortolotti/M.Picotto) Just a Moment RMX's BXR Claxixx
    Cevin Fisher Love You Some More ft. Sheila Smith Subversive
    Chab Tunnelling/The Sinus Plastic Fantastic
    Coming Soon Control Freak/Arrived Miracle
    Cominotto Species BXR NoiseMaker
    Corvin Dalek Pornoground Data
    Corvin Dalek Pounds & Penz RMX's Flesh
    ??? Corvin Dalek RMX Silver Planet
    Cosmic Gate Fire Wire (Corvin Dalek Up Uranus Rmx) Data
    Dalek and Armani Ride Me Flesh
    Danger Phase III Bonzai
    dj Nukem vs. Chab Always Remember to Respect and Honour Your Mother Pt. 1 Go Beat
    Dusted Pump That RMX Peer Music
    D'Wachman & HD Substance Jump/Stay Peer Music
    D'Wachman & HD Substance Funk A Tron/ Grooves Subliminal
    Emelia Torrini Leave Me Alone (Futureshock RMX) Plastica
    Evol-D Forward Cyber
    Futershock Not Seventeen RMX's V2 Music
    Future Breeze Smile RMX's Nebula
    Future Progressive No. 2 (dbl pack) Timo Mass/Pure Science/Der Dritte Raum/Aquillia…etc Nervous
    GrooveZone Eisbaer RMX's Additive
    G-Pal Strapped/Accorsi and Rob RMX Bedrock Promo
    Haktan O'Nal Bedford Street/Mixery FourTwenty
    Hamel, Swain & Snell Future RMX's Sunkissed
    Harry "Choo Choo" Romero Minimal Thoughts BXR NoiseMaker
    Hydrogen Rockers FT. Mayte Decadence/Krevadence Bedrock Black Promo
    Inkfish Origin Unknown/Accelerator Dorigen Music
    Jay Welsh Four Horsemen Method
    Jelo Chaos Bringer RMX's 2Wars
    [Love] Tatoo Drop Some Drums Positiva
    Magnat Do You?/Eastern Wish Qube
    Mandalay To Be Free (Futureshock RMX's) One Little Indian
    Martin H Tromb Suburban Tracks
    Medway Release Hooj
    Morel True (The Faggot Is You) RMX's Hooj
    Mr.C Ft Victoria Wilson James Circles of Love End Recordings
    Paranoid Jack Slavedriver EP Stickman
    Phaser Siriusex/Second Choice Disclosure
    Pink Yo Black 16 Million Dollar Man Under the Counter
    Polarity Subdued/Industry Miracle
    Q-Lock The Question Fuju
    Robbie Rivera Beats Vol. 2 Subliminal
    Satoshi Tomeii Up In Flames Burn 666
    Sonic Infusion (Pascal FEOS) No Exit Polyester
    Soft Cell Monoculture RMX's Lanka
    Starecase ??? Hope Records Promo
    Stefano Greppi Freedom Is Alternative Route
    Tim J. Comfort Zone/Tripleds Smoke
    Tyrell Corp. Running v2.0 Abfahrt
    Quivver One Last Time VC


    Artist Title Label

    Abi Lonnberg Nuclear Fear EP Arrival Works

    Adam Beyer Lost & Found EP Conform 12
    Adam Beyer & Henrik B The Eye That Sees Itself Mad Eye 1
    Adam Beyer & Henrik B The Conversation Mad Eye 2
    Adam Beyer So Bizarre Mad Eye 4
    Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback As If Dubs Mad Eye 5
    Adam Beyer AWC Part I/AWC Part II Plus 8 087

    Adam Jay Intimate Voyeur Machine EP Zync
    Adam Jay Naptown Renegade EP Primate
    Adam Jay Sapphire Deependency Intrinsic Design
    Adam Jay Used of a Number EP Default 010

    Adam Proll Abaddon/Flug Nr. 407 Cocoon

    Adam X The Marking of Time EP Sonic Groove

    Ade Fenton Which doctor?/Suck My Art/Personal Nightmare Voodoo Records
    Ade Fenton Beautiful Freaks EP Advanced 014
    Ade Fenton You Ruined Everything/Religion Die 2/Burn Bitch Advanced 016

    Advent,The Deep Space EP - De Greed/Just Cause/Man Dub On Test
    Advent,The The Rise EP - After/S.M.K./Telecom Kombination Research 019

    Agaric & Bruce Logan I'm Always Watching/M.T.B. Truesoul

    Agent Orange Here We Go Again/Power 2 Move/Acid Girlz & Acid Boyz/North Fourth Gotham Grooves

    Alex Bau Mother Scratch/No Change Inside Credo

    Alex Flatner & Roberto Q. Ingram This Is Yabada/Painting Image Equator

    Alex Calver Gangster EP pt 1 Glitch v5.1

    Andreas Kremer American Blackout EP Blueline 025

    [A]pendics Shuffle Mass Reduction EP Adjunct 019

    Asem Shama Ghosthacker EP Ghostline 006

    Ben Sims & Mark Broom Wang RMX (Dbl Pack) Theory 20

    Beroshima The Opression EP TSX Recordings

    Boese Welt Superstar EP ToneMan

    Brian Aneurysm & Lega Sucker Punch/Drifting Aside/Fightback Immigrant

    Brothers Yard Sentinel/Kormoran/Orada PV 32
    Brothers Yard Maroko/Kakadu PV 52
    Brothers Yard Evolver pt.1 & 2 Tronic
    Brothers Yard Layering/Revital Afterlife 003

    Bryan Zentz Disruptor Versions One - May Your Blade Chip and Shatter(J. Mull)/Digital Unrest(Mazi Mix) Disruptor

    Bytecon R.A.T. EP Satamile

    Cari Lekebusch/Patrik Skoog Swedish Steel Remix's Drumcode 27,5
    Cari Lekebusch Temple Jam EP H-Productions

    Carl Marx Keep It Real EP Bound 009

    Carsten Fietz & Magnetic Red Capsule/Devil's Haircut Overdrive

    Casey Hogan Bounce the Lights Mac 003

    Chris Carrier Rambling House EP Kill Brique 09

    Chris Liebing Next Try EP - Major Rush Rmx/Chris McCormack Rmx CLRetry 04
    Chris Liebing Next Try EP - Ben Sims Rmx/Ian J. Richardson Rmx CLRetry 05

    Chris McCormack Sea Level(Chris Liebing Rmx)/(The Advent Rmx)/(Jel Ford Rmx)/(Bryan Zentz Rmx) Materials 005

    Christian Smith & John Selway Total Departure/(Cirez D Remix) Drumcode

    Cirez D Control Freak/Hoodpecker Mouseville

    Claude Vonstroke The Whistler/Who's Afraid of Detroit? Dirty Bird 005

    Claude Young Altimirian EP MB Selections

    Coming Soon & Michel de Hey Be Squared/Follow The Leaper EC Records

    Danilo Vigorito Imaginary Boy EP 1 Zenit 9
    Danilo Vigorito La Familia EP Orion Music

    Dave Clarke The Compass/(Terence Fixmer Rmx) Skint

    DAVE the Drummer O Superman White Label
    DAVE the Drummer vs Jerome Steamliner(Sunnyside Up!)/Jaws(Scrambled Side) Yolk

    Davide Squillace/The Advent Get The Right Shuffle/Big 'Ohh' Booty Sketch 08
    Davide Squillace/Kazu Kimura Antigravitational/Realistic Sketch 09

    Dean Rodell Perceptive Nature EP - Main Line/Mechanism/Isolated Body Compound

    Decomposed Subsonic Wild Nights/Kick Das Force Tracks

    Delage Grabbed EP - Grab/Grab(Mateo Murphy Remix) Ascend

    Der Dritte Raum Tantzstanze/Spurrillen Virgin

    Detroit Grand Pubahs Skydive From Venus/(Deetron Rmx) Detelefunk

    Devilfish Dealing and Stealing Bush 1099
    Devilfish Fisk Teknik Frequent

    Dionysos All Wrong/(Adam Jay Rmx)/(Ubiquitek Rmx)/(Dylan Drazen Rmx) Sonic Convergence

    Dirty Bass City on Fire/Neon Rain Dirty Bass

    DZI Unleash/The Beast Fling

    Eric Sneo Los 3 Brasileros Masters of Disaster
    Eric Sneo Practice What You Preach Masters of Disaster
    Eric Sneo vs Andy Dux Entertainment (Picture Disc) Overdrive
    Eric Sneo Don't Sit Down Overdrive
    Eric Sneo Slave To The Beat (dbl pack) Terminal M
    Eric Sneo Going On/TM/One's More Terminal M

    dj ESP aka Woody McBride Faceless Blu:line 021
    dj ESP aka Woody McBride Naib of the Seitch EP Drumworks 009

    Felipe & Nicolas Bacher Titanium Bass Alloy EP Primate

    Flo Contact/Mambo/Contact(Rino Cerrone Rmx) Funktion

    Fluke Pulse/(Paris and Healey Remix) One Little Indian

    Frankie Vega Founder Pounder EP Blu:lne 019

    Funk D'Void Diabla (Heavenly Rmx/Samuel Sessions Juice Mix) Soma

    Gabriel Ananda + Tobias Becker Limitiert # 4 - Was Erwartet?/Wasser Wartet!(Gabriel Solo) Platzhirsch Schallplatten 004

    Geo Vogt Assemblage Points EP Relief Records

    Gez Varley G11(Carsten Fietz Rmx)/Slaunch(G-Man Rmx)/G11(Nadja Lind Rmx)/Higher(G-Man Rmx) Persistencebit Records

    G-Force (Stanny Franssen) 4th Floor EP Genetic

    Glen Wilson 1st Emotion EP - Physical Emotion/Metal/Metal(Cari Lekebusch RMX) Audio Emotions

    Green Velvet La La Land Relief Records

    Gwen Maze Mor Than Love EP Supernature 005

    Hardcell & Grindvik Gainlane PT 1 - Bitching Betty/Set It Off Drumcode

    Headroom Concrete(Hertz RMX)/Solar(V.DeWit & Bas Mooy Rmx/Fobik(P.Braunstein Rmx) Patterns 18

    Headrush Emergency Entrance EP Frequent 006

    Hell This Is For You(Album Version)/(Terence Fixmer Rmx)/(Decksharks Rmx) Disko B

    Henrik B Recollections Drumcode 22
    Henrik B Promena IllgoRhythm
    Henrik B The Wound IllgoRhythm

    Hertz The Present EP Primate
    Hertz & Bacto/Andy Slate, Alexander Kroning & TBK Dirty Crutch/ Twisted Samba Zync
    Hertz & Bacto Mankind 13 Mankind 13
    Hertz Alone & By Myself Sway 4
    Hertz Lost/Once Again Abyss 012
    Hertz Steric(Sidechained Rmx)/Steric Abyss 013
    Hertz Always Two Sides To The Coin EP - The Coin/H-Express Hz Trax 05

    High Tech Child, The Tribal Storm/(Adam Beyer RMX) Tronic

    Horrorist, The The Virus EP Things To Come Records

    Ian Lehmann Dragon of the Black Pool EP Audio Assault 15
    Ian Lehmann New Industrial Formats EP Blueline 024

    I. Villasante Hi-Tech EP Manuke

    James Ruskin SR2 EP Blueprint

    JB3 Jorklift('93 mix)/(D. Wild Subtractive Synth Mix) Novamute

    Jesper Dahlback & Thomas Krome Murder Was The Bass DK 8

    Joel Mull The Mole RMX's Primevil
    Joel Mull ISX ep - IS01(Mateo Murphy RMX)/Catapult/Control Inside Records
    Joel Mull Constant Process Inside Records

    Johan Bacto & Rehr Herb Mankind # 2 ReWorks Mankind 2.5

    Johannes Heil Die Eigene Uchse/Heido Laux Rmx Intergroove
    Johannes Heil The Seven Seals of Revelation - Chapter Two JH Records

    Lamonde/Len Faki U Think…Love Can Save U? Teminal M

    Lars Klein Living In The Shadows EP Bound 19
    Lars Klein No Name, No Status and Invisible/The Man Who Feared The Dark/The Smell of a Kyoto Night Bound 26

    Len Faki Tha Way You Like It/(Thomas P. Heckmann Remix) Malec
    Len Faki Here/(Len's Podium Rmx)/(Len's Turkish Delight Rmx) Podium

    Loktibrada Untitled(Regis Rmx)/(Female Rmx)/Ian J. Richardson Rmx) RSB2

    Konigskinder vs. Marxx Want to F… Randgruppe 007

    Kriss Dior KD:Machinery/Machinapella/Semiole/Semiole Speech Monoid 028

    Kwass Transformer EP Audio 41

    MADU After Three Days EP PV 38

    Marcin Czubala Berolina/(Russ Gabriel Rmx) Mobilee 041

    Marco Carola 10th Question (dbl pack) Elp Medien

    Marco Lenzi The Loop Of Love Eukatech

    Martin H Latin Twist/Midnight Twist Mutekki

    Massimo Vivona Fidelity/(Heads of State Remix)q Headzone
    Massimo Vivona Down/Sabotage Headzone

    Mathias Kaden Myal EP - Rythma/Myal/Obeah Vakant 015

    Mauro Picotto Baguette/Ultimahora Ibiza BXR
    Mauro Picotto Verdi/Verdi MegaMind Mix BXR

    Marco Bailey Fiesta Leblon Zync
    Marco Bailey Liquid Lab/Heat MB Electronics
    Marco Bailey Living On A Plane Primate

    Markantonio & Joseph Capriati Molotov EP - Molotov/Mark 1000 Volts/Joseph 1000 Volts Analytic Trail 020

    Mark Broom Industra pt.1 & 2 King of the Snakes
    Mark Broom & Ben Sims Player Six(Mark Broom Rmx)/Player One(Ben Sims Rmx)

    Mark Mirror Plastic Soul EP PV 70

    Memory Foundation, The Shatong EP Theory 27

    Metalogic Clangour EP - Fuzzion/El Bongonero/The Lost Parameter Boshke Beats
    Metalogic Boxed and Warped EP Hidden Agenda 031

    Mhonolink Deadline EP Mhonday 01

    Mignon AT Lost In Chicago/Pure Identification/Shadows Triple Vision

    Mike Humphries International Day Tripper EP Patterns 19

    Misc. Rocket Control/Superbrand Sender 039

    dj Misjah` Serengeti/Piranha/Hypothermia(4/4)/Hypothermia Pocket
    dj Misjah` Promise/Club Freak/At The Bar/Red Planet Bellboy

    Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt Floating(Adam Beyer Rmx)/USS Nostromo(The Advent Rmx) Terminal M
    Monika Kruse vs Dave Shokh Gentern Endet Nie/Wann War Gestern? Electric Avenue

    Mould Impression 1994/Morgans Bass Primate

    Mr. G I'm Dirty!!!/Call It What U Like Phoenix G 015
    Mr. G Flight/Jackin' G Part 3 Phoenic G 018

    Nicholas Bacher & Felipe Quenchless/(Redhead 3000 Rmx)/(Redhead 2000 Rmx)/Semper Fidelis Titanium 003

    Nils Hess Collaborations 2' - Positive(N. Hess & Molano)/Space Time(N. Hess & DAVE The Drummer EukaTech

    LOPHI Fortune Hunters/Jungle Krunch/The Real Sensation Mis Records

    Oliver Lieb S.O.L. Superstition
    Oliver Lieb Smoked - Metropolis(Eric Prydz Munich NRG Mix/(Midtone Rmx) YoshiToshi
    Oliver Lieb Schleudertrauma/Unwucht Delirium Red 069

    Olivier Giacomotto Mentiras EP Audio Assault 14

    Pan-Pot Maffia EP - Lancelot von Camelot(Barem Rmx)/(Camea Rmx) Einma Leins Musik 021

    Patrik Skoog Lysergic/Intro/Psyche/Spine (Clear Disc) Patterns 11
    Patrik Skoog vs A. Johansson & M. Fridell (White Vinyl) Alliance III Audio Assault 10.1

    Pascal FEOS I Can Feel That(Speedy J Mix Pt. 1)/(Tony Rohr Mix) Omychron 01

    Patrick DSP So What/Reflex'd Geheim 01

    Paul Brtschitsch Bridge Itch EP - Parkett/Bellaphonica WolfSkuil

    Paul Mac From Below/(Beats Version) Sino 12

    Paul Ritch Higher/Memory/Blowbass Paradigma Musik
    Paul Ritch Aquarel/Crazy Madness(Luca Bacchetti Rmx) Sci+Tec Digital Audio

    Perc Serious Moonlight/Cylinder Swing CLR 21

    Phil Kieran Snakefight/(Marko Nastic RMX) Tronic 32

    Planetary Assault Systems Coad Warrior 1 - Function 1/Function 2 Peacefrog 01

    Pratap Mankind 23 Mankind 23

    dj Preach Insomniak EP LTD Records
    dj Preach Performance M.F. EP Default

    Primal Tracks Downward/Troubleshooting/Ground Control Blueline 026

    Quartz Escape From PG EP Ascend 016

    Radial Firm to Farm WP - Camouflage/Like A House/A Child Can Do The Laundry Planet Rhythm 065

    Ri'li:s Remixes Vol. 3 Marco Carola/Secret Cinema/Leandro Gamez Ri'li:s Records

    Robert Armani Circus Bells (Oliver Klein/C.Dalek Prono-Circus RMX's) t:Classics

    Robert Natus Manner of Death/(Arkus P. Remix) t:Classics

    Sacrifice Syncron/Reactor γΦ

    Santiago Nino Techno-Lodgy/Freakshow Just Music

    Sarah Goldfarb Panenka/Euphemisme/To Be Frit/Crazy Me Toys For Boys

    Sascha Barth Lametta EP Terminal M

    Side Three Sub Rosa Hidden Agenda 20

    dj Shufflemaster City Lights/(Hikaru Hashimoto Rmx)/(Adam Beyer & Henrik B Rmx) Subvoice 025

    Sinesweeper Eyes Wide Open/Tribal Fear Sweep

    Slynus I Vinyl Addiction Testpressing
    Slynus II Vinyl Addiction Testpressing
    Slynus Bassline/Moonsun Vinyl Addiction

    Snap Mode Orbit Groove/Assimilation/Prince and Pauper Go Dancin' Relief Records

    Sound Associates Music EP Spot On

    Speedy J & Adam Beyer Collaborations 001 - Sjab/Basj 12NOMU130
    Speedy J & Literon Collaborations 002 - Snacker/Knicker 12NOMU132
    Speedy J & Chris Liebing Collaborations 003 -TRIKCO/TEFLON 12NOMU136

    Staffan Ehrlin The Chappel Goathead

    Stephane Signore Another Life(Original)/Another Dream Planet Rhythm 052

    Steve Robbins Destiny EP Superstition

    Stigmata 9/10 Stigmata

    Taksi aka Night On Earth Gallero/Bienenstich Ongaku 030

    TBM Hypnotisamus - Marco Carola Remix's Kobayashi

    TCP (Clear Vinyl) Bi-Polarity Shame EP Primate

    Teste The Wipe(Love, War and Techno Rmx)/(Dustin Zahn Rmx)/(Locutus Rmx) Polarized 010

    Thomas P. Heckmann Tangents/Medusa/Strobe Bpitch Control

    Thomas Krome Lord of Darkness Corb

    Tim Track If I'm Not Me/Floating Facts Abyss 017

    Tim Xavier Scandalistic Endeavor EP Mafia

    Tomaz vs Filterheadz Latin Loopworks Remixes Pt. 1 Sessions Recordings

    Tony Rohr Which Way to Stockholm? Drumcode 47
    Tony Rohr Senor Chaos EP hidden Agenda 13
    Tony Rohr Let's Try Something Different Hidden Agenda 25
    Tony Rohr Was Ist Das? EP - Slow Burn/Jesus Built My Drum Machine/Cowboy Weave 005

    T. Raumschamiere A Very Loud Lullaby(Si Begg Rmx)/(Radio Edit)/(Apparat Vox Rmx)/(Apparat Dub Rmx) Novamute

    Traxter Believe Primate Endangered Species

    Turbomen Would You Say ThankU If I Spank U EP Pro-Jex

    Umek Arondon/Entan Novamute

    Unknown Artist ??? Expression Sessions 001

    Urban Warrior vs The Mantis The Resistance EP Heroes International

    Uto Karem Early Reflections/Smart Mode/Exit 5 Syndikaat 013

    W.J. Henze Shooting Break/Id Select Ash 'n Diamonds 03
    W.J. Henze Infrequently Accessed/Sleep Disorder Ash 'n Diamonds 04
    W.J. Henze Observation Lounge RMXs (Ade Fenton/Zzino & Zwosh) Zenit 26
    W.J. Henze & Alex Fuse Electronic Noise(Ben Sims Rmx)/Terminal(Andreas Kramer Rmx) Humanoise

    Woody McBride aka ESP Flights Departing EP Kompute

    Xentrix Clik Clak/My Blood/Endless Kroma Ltd

    Yusuke Nakamura Insect EP Toneman

    Various Israel Toledo(Edge Of Empire)/Lars Klein(Checkmate)/W.J. Henze(Diamond Dust) Klirfactor 008
    Various Deck Shark Series 2 Speaker Attack 006
    Various Punish Allstars Vol. 1 (Sonic Perverts/Mike Humphries/Slut Peddler's) Punish 11
    Various Inspiration Of The Gods (N. Samstrom/Mayhem Men/A. Kremer/A. Crash Expanded 02
    Various Fourty (Bryan Zentz/Stanny Franssen/Paul Mac/Patrik Skoog) Monoid 040
    Various (Dbl Pack) Driller (Thomas P. Heckmann/T. Taylor + A. Slate vs ASF/DJ ESP/Iron Nipples) Driller
    Various The Third Porno Cut (Cristian Varela/Time Baker/Marco Bailey/Redhead) Pornographic
    Various The Eleventh Porno Cut (Julio Pasadas/Cristian Varela/Marco Bailey & Redhead/Charly Statik) Pornographic
    Various Big City Lights EP (Filipe & Nicolas Bacher/Simon Coyle & Simon Digby/Ivan Komlinovic) Titanium
    Various Volume 1 (Bryan Zentz/Aaron Nesbit/Tim Taylor & Thor 54 Omega Ritam001
    Various Gunjack/Bas Mooy/Dj Ogi/Jeroen Liebregts Submissions 013
    Various Voices Vol. 2 - Conduct(Rhythm Logistics)/Illuminum(The Divide)/Weird(Manuel Fuentes) Template
    Various (Dbl Pack) Fuse presents Joris Voorn Music Man 025
    Various My Black Sheet (Len Faki)/Marriot Acid (Tony Rohr)/Astral Plane(Tim Xavier) Podium 003
    Various Acid Sluts (Agaric)/Your Halo Is Slipping (Bruce Logan)/You People (Eidolon) Moll 003

    Vartan Krikorian Took A Long Time EP - I'm Back Bitch/TV Sound/Tic Tac Techno Red Blooded

    Ventilator Collide/Machines & Robots Template 8.12

    Zwosh (Red Disc) Zwosh Zwosh 01

    ZZ/OC/GC Dirty Frog EP Re-Active Music

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