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techno ftp site?


TRIBE Member
I noticed that in the general forum there is a "tribe" collective FTP site going on.. browsed threw some if it.. nothing really caught my eye.. maby it was the labeling and the directory structer I duno... but anyway I'm thinking of opening my ftp up to any members of this forum who want axcess to quality techno :)

drop a msg here if your interested...

It will start off as being leech but if i notice that is the *only* thing people are doing well i will put a ratio on the site....


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I'm interested for sure.
I've got one as well with a bunch of Techno and Electro, so if any one's is interested I'll post all the details.


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Iwouldnt post the details on a public forum... unless you like your site getting hammered :p

Once I have the software installed... prollly later tonight i can start setting up accounts.....