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Techno For Sale


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for sale for a buddy. he only wants like $5 each I think and there are a few SWEET records in there (loop#29)

anyway email bob@frameworkmusic.com if you want any of this

XS-004 Records - DJ Misjah Vs. DJ Tim X-Tension on clear vinyl
X-Trax X-011 - Casseopaya - Karma in an Ocean of Joy (picture sleeve)
XS-011 - Umek - Sample rate EP also on clear vinyl
R&S 94051 - Dr. Fernando - Caverna Magica EP
Planet Rhythm PRRUK010 - Gaetek - S.I.L.I.A. EP (Double Pack)
One Thousand 1008 - Marco Carolla - Interplay (Hand Numbered # 239 of 1000)
Blue Print BP 010 - James Ruskin - Prelude
Code Red CR03 - Remainings (Original Press On red Vinyl)
HighOctane HOR002 - DJ Rush - Homecoming EP (Picture Sleve)
HighOctane HOR011 - DJ Rush - Boomerang EP (HOR picture sleeve)
Loop Records LOOP029 - Adam Beyer
Primate PRMT022 - Chris Liebing - No Time to Waste EP
Meta M002 - Oliver Ho - Terra Incognita
Theory TR003 - Sims & Dax - New Rituals EP (Featuring a Blueprint Mix, and an Alexi Delano Mix)
Theory TR004 - Sims & Dax - Stability (featuring a Hardgroove Mix a Jay
Denham mix, and a Function Mix)