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techno: focus - www.beats.to

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Shows always archived @ http://www.beats.to/cgi-bin/links/dclinks.cgi?action=view_category&category=Focus

Techno. Thanks to:
Adam Molnar
Chris Danells
Christian Fischer - Definition-Records
Craig Anderson
Dave Cooper - Roundtable Distribution
DJ Shagz
DJ Rowan
Eric Downer
Gerald a.k.a. Matrix
Jeff Cochran - Format Recordings
Kid Kinetik
Mike Blotto
Mitchell Akiyama - intr_version records/substractif records
Scorched Earth
villa_straylight - Polaris Records
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Playlist for focus62

"a1 (the kom jug ep)" jeff cochran & adam winick - format
"intrinsic radiance" marco lenzi - audio
"manipulated (joel mull remix)" ben sims - primate
"b1 (recollections)" henrik b - drumcode
"b1 (7th)" marco carola - question
"the yeti (ade fenton) remixes" men of noise - definition
"sketched for life (salsa mix)" the advent - tresor
"burn rubber burn (adam beyer mix)" thomas chrome - loop
"plastatik" marco carola - one thousand
"a" pounding grooves - pounding grooves11
"a (advancedtechnoresearch)" gaetano parisio - art9
"rotary" damon wild - synewave
"upiter (sterac remix)" t-quest - music man
"analogon e.p. (speedy j. remix)" chris liebing - clretry02
"stylophonia (headstrong remix)" two little boys - music factory
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playlist for Focus68:

"a3 (kom jug ep)" jeff cochran & adam winick - format
"de9|closer to the (r)edit (r)edit #2 range'd)" richie hawtin - minus
"volt musik" swayzak - force tracks
"b1 (zagloba ep)" jacob fairley - dumb unit
"el jem" g-man - i220
"2.0 (psychometry vol.2)" akufen - trapez
"a2 (8th)" marco carola - question
"a" psykofuk - matrix
"hypnofreak (steve bug's freaked up mix)" robotman - minus
"afrokid" joel mull - primevil
"robot replica (metropolis part 2)" jeff mills - tresor/axis
"b" diskopizzeria - definition
"poison" marco carola - one thousand
"situation (aggressive attitude mix)" yaz - sire
"a2 (the d.f. sound system)" dan fun - borft
"a2" basic implant - audio12
"mommy why?" the maddkatt chronicles - clashbackk
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