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Techno.FM - Electronic Radio


TRIBE Member
Hello all,
I love these forums. I'm kinda new but here I go.

I wanted to share my live electronic music internet radio station with all of you. You all seem like the type that would enjoy.

Techno.FM offers over 40 live weekly radio shows broadcast from around the world. Musical styles range from house music, trance music, techno music, electro music and many more. Overall there are 8 different radio stations to pick from. (and the number is still growing)

You can even add Techno.FM to any website. For example, if the owner of this site was interested in adding radio to his website so that all the forum users had some good beats to listen to while browsing topics, he could. He would simply have to go to http://techno.fm/radio.php and you would have the code to paste to your site. It is free and effortless.

I look forward to reading your feedback about the radio (good or bad feedback, doesn't matter, it is always appreciated). Keep in mind the site is old and a new version is being worked on but you don't have to worry about it affecting the quality of the music..

All sets are submitted by the artists. Tons of exclusive sets to hear!

Techno.FM - Electronic Radio