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techno events in november


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Hey Tribe, just wondering what's going on next month - I think there are a bunch of events worth checking out - and I think I might be visiting some friends sometime towards the end of the month
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Gonna hit this.. Also trying to organize a night of Live Pa or Live EDM as it now being called these days...

Sat, 16 Nov 2013
Format003 - Truncate (Droid Behavior, CLR)
Truncate, Measure Divide, Greg Gow, Mike Gibbs..


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it is very difficult to find a real techno jam these days. andy scott and demdike stare were here recently. that was the last techno jam i've been to. might be a long wait till the next one.

I am sad that there are no drum and bass jams anymore.

the last hip hop jam I went to was dj premieir.

real jams are so few and far between.

you may be better just to keep an open mind and just show up somewhere.


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I only tend to go out if it is a live act and when I mean live I mean real gear not a laptop and a controller...
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The Truth

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they may not be everyone's cup of tea, but these guys are passing through town this month

Petar Dundov
Marco Bailey
Richie Hawtin
Joris Voorn