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Techno - Dj Mem - Bleep 217

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by isoprax, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. isoprax

    isoprax TRIBE Promoter

    Bleep Radio #217
    Aired: June 16th, 2010
    Mixed by: Dj Mem (Portugal)

    Fun in the Murky / Trevor Wilkes: Last.FM - Stream similar artists

    I was farting around, minding my own business and Mem pops his head into the room (virtually of course) and tells me he has a new set. Of course I want it. Of course I'll Bleep it. It's a thing of beauty!

    Trevor Wilkes & Mem @ Coin Op

    Cheers for another excellent Bleep Mem!

    Discogs | Myspace

    0-3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
    1-dj rush "motherfucking bass"
    2-paul birken "My Friend Frampton" Surfin' Superior
    3-marcin czubala "starliner"
    4-jiri.ceiver "osiac" (vogel's sola mix)
    5-john tejada&justin maxwell "mind bend"
    6-steve poindexter "work that mutha fucker" (like a tim remix)
    7-joey beltram "energy flash"
    8-regis "obscurum"
    9-roger watson&tony tomas "ghet
    9-roger watson&tony tomas "ghetto tears"
    10-neil landstrumm "takks"
    11-john tejada&justin maxwell "pimp my glide"
    12-parris mitchell "ghetto shout dub"
    13-autist "rex club"
    14-miami bass 4 play "back again"
    15-noodles "vol1"
    16-fugo "pollution"
    17-dj rush "clap your hands"
    18-cristian vogel "ninjah"
    19-cristian vogel "whipaspank" (tube jerk mix)
    20-tobias schmidt "dollar"
    21-chris sattinger "met
    21-chris sattinger "metabolism"
    22-basment jaxx "bing o bang o" (dj funk remix)
    23-luke's anger "dirty on the floor"
    24-surgeon "patience"
    25-hardfloor "kangaroos & bubbles"
    26-angel alanis & rees urban "bastard traxx vol1"
    27-chance mcdermott "u fell me?"
    28-ruben a. "jackass"
    29-dj mahatma "kiiirrrmes"
    30-cristian vogel "(don't take more)" jamie lidell remix
    31-ben stokes "the house of god" surgeon remix

    Download The June 16th, 2010 Archive

    Bleep Info:
    Next Weeks Show: Trevor Wilkes

    Bleep's goal is to bring quality dance-floor music, music without it's head up it's arse, to areas where it's seemingly lacking. Stale music has taken over and needs to move over. We need less labels, not more. Techno may be the label that Bleep assumes, but it's the Techno label of days gone by, one that encompasses much and has a sense of humour. The humour bit may be just me though. Enjoy.

    Anyone is highly encouraged to ask questions or comment about Bleep mixes. All questions will be answered. Help will be given. Direction will be shown.

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