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Techno - DJ/Anthony - Is This What It Is?


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Yo! What's up?
Here is a mix I did a while back. I dug it then, I dig it now. Sorry I had to post it at 320 kpbs, 198 just isn't enough. It takes up 140.6 MB and is 1:01:23 long. You may have to use a stuffit expander. Right click and enjoy.

http://homepage.mac.com/emitrapture/.cv/emitrapture/Sites/.Public/Is this what it is_.mp3-zip.zip

01.Audion-Kisses-Spectral Sound
02.Tiga-Louder Than a Bomb-PIAS
03.Dole & Kom-Fast Love-Death By Disco
04.Wighnomy Brothers-Pele Bloss-Freude-Am-Tanzen
05.Chateau Flight-Les Antipodes (Joakim Remix)-Versatile
06.Frank Martiniq-Boost (Misc Remix)-Boxer
07.Quesh-Candy Girl (Vocal Mix)-Television
08.Alter Ego-Rocker (Winks Acid Rocker Interpretation-Klang Electronik
09.Drama Society Feat. Turner-Crying Hero (Tiga Mix)-Fine
10.Miss Kitten-Happy Valentine (Michael Mayer Mix)-Novamute
11.Dub Kult-Bip (Guido Schneiders "On and On" Rmx)-Raum Musik
12.Fischerspooner-Just Let Go (Thin White Duke Remix)-EMI
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