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Techno - CJ Hahn & Aidan Day mix

CJ Hahn

TRIBE Member
We recorded this the other weekend and wanted to share with everyone.

I want to give a little background first. Over the past year we've been experimenting with our live set quite a bit. I've felt, and this isn't true of all, that sometimes live sets can be a little boring because the music is all within the same vein, and there isn't the variety you would find in a DJ set. What we decided to do is add some records into our set to help change up the sound and pace. As well I've been working on a loop project that takes multiple loops from different songs and mix them into a single track. Yes it's been done but I don't have the access that Rich has to originals of tracks, so I can't just pick out the highs, or the bassline if I want, but rather I can only capture a loop with all of it's parts. So it doesn't sound as nice and clean, but I do my best to construct something with a groove and try and find little progressions to work with. Let us know what you think.

I've zipped the mp3 with a track list, but I'll post the tracks below. If I start running out of bandwidth this month I may just make it a stream until June arrives.

I will make a note: when we were recording I accidentally pulled out the output from my Indigo I/O and lost my stereo connection, but was left with mono. Worst of all it was during a mix so I copied the one good channel and pasted over the other, but it still sounds fuked up in headphones, and a good system. The problem occurs about 26:29


Track List

00:00 – Aidan Day & CJ Hahn - 1000
06:07 – Urban Force – Magnat
11:14 – Track 0
14:41 – Aidan Day & CJ Hahn - Chord
21:31 – Track 2
27:36 – Aidan Day & CJ Hahn – New Big
32:50 – Soda – Motorcity
37:46 – Track 10
43:39 – Aidan Day & CJ Hahn – K2
49:27 – Echopilot – Emptiness
54:16 – Track 11

Track 0 contains loops from the following songs:
Gaiser – Egress
John Selway – Soul Control
John Tejada – Mono on Mono
Trentemoller – Latenight
Sammy Dee & Guido Schneider – Styleways
Gabriel Ananda – Sussholz (Robert Babicz remix)

Track 2 contains loops from the following songs:
3 Channels – We Are All A little
Vegetable Orchestra – Atavismus (Ricardo Villalobos remix)
Brightlight – Reconnected
Locodice – Carthago
Der Dritte Raum – Chido Way (Jon Gaiser mix)
D’julz – Fast Forward (original)

Track 10 contains loops from the following songs:
Jesper Dahlback – The Lonesome Dub
Rene Breitbarth – Congon
THX – Devil of Rotations
Jay Haze & Jeff Samuel – Shwang

Track 11 contains loops from the following songs:
D. Diggler – Red Dragon
Konrad Black – Busting Down the Door With a Shotgun
Martin Landsky – Fools (They Don’t Know the Time) Instrumental mix
Martinez – Shadowboxing (Trentemoller rmx)
Baeks – Red Falling
Cannabis Seed Wedding Bands

CJ Hahn

TRIBE Member
It seems some people have been having problems downloading the rar file. Just do a right click "save as" and you should be fine.

Here is the direct link to the set rar as well


Please let me know if there are any continued problems downloading the set. If there seems to be more problem I'll host it on another site too.