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techno CD


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Derek Parsons and I put together an "old school" ('85-'93) techno set for "focus". It's up on the www.beats.to website as "focus61" or click this: http://www.technologix.org/ram/focus/focus61.ram (I hope it works) for your streaming pleasure. Derek mixed 3 tracks, then I did 3, etc., and so on... Here's the tracklist.

"chikki chikki ahh ahh" baby ford
"rock to the beat" reese
"electrojack" beatdown
"you like that? (page 3 mix)" states of mind - +8
"we shall overcome (j acq shall overdub)" kenny larkin - +8
"born to freak" steve poindexter ? muzique records
"alleys of your mind" cybotron
"just me & you" kenny dope
"amnesia" mr. fingers
"atmosphere" lil? louis
"plastic dreams (original)" jaydee ? r&s
"go (woodstock mix)" moby ? instinct
"krakpot" plastikman
"let?s let?s let?s dance" keynotes
"feel surreal" rhythm is rhythm
"approach & identify" f.u.s.e. - +8
"the bouncer (original mix)" kicks like a mule ? tribal bass records
"the ultimate seduction (principles mix)" d. perrault & p. damanti

If anyone wants a CD copy...
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OK, I'll try to sort everyone out.
One thing, I'll need to know how to hook up with seeker.
Thanks for the interest.
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just listening now Eric....

this is PHAT guys.... very nice n' DETROIT.... so far the flow is fucking nice!!

mixing is right on spot aswell...

props to Eric and Derek on this cd :) --> tres' fantastique!!

(it'll be in my changer for awhile)



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can I get a copy


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i've been like a puppy dog waiting at the door for the mail man all week long. finally, today it arrived! :)

just finished the first spin through. i knew it was good, cuz i've checked the RA a couple times, but real audio just doesn't do this justice. phat deep beats, nicely programmed, slickly mixed... what more needs to be said?

thanks for the hook up eric. good job boys!