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techno/breaks mix

Discussion in 'Breaks Room' started by beaker, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

  2. smokee

    smokee TRIBE Member

    matt, you gots the juice babee!
  3. Angus Robinson

    Angus Robinson TRIBE Member

    Smokee. Where you been dude?

    This is like your first post in a year! *exaggeration*

    Matt, downloaded the mix at work, but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. Track selection looks nice though. You have a couple of my favourite tracks from last year on the mix - check it out and retox.

    Too bad those were the only breaks tracks... [​IMG]
  4. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter

    ^^^ thats cause Matt knows whats best.



    thought you break dudes were down with Playboy????

  5. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter

    the track. Marco Carola.... breaky/tech !!
  6. Angus Robinson

    Angus Robinson TRIBE Member

    Oh yeah... forgot about that one... yeah, I play the shit outta that track!

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