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techno album


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aight. what's the tightest techno album of all time. 12" & ep's don't count.

for me it's:

The Advent - Elements of Life

What's yours
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Tough call here: 'Elements of Life' has always been a fav of mine, I really dig the old Advent sound.

There are four albums that I cannot part with:
Kenny Larkin : Metaphor : R&S
B12 : Time Tourist : Warp
True People : The Detroit Techno Album : Reakt
FSOL : Accelerator

If I had to pick one of those it would be Kenny Larkin. Metaphor is such a melodically tight album that really delves into every aspect of production.


terrawrist III

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derrick may reissue-inoovator
robert hood-internal empire
plastikman-sheet one
any disjecta album(if that even counts)
speedy j's first album(had it, forgot it)