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Technificient @ Labyrinth


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Hey all..

Gotta say, I haven't been to that space since it was Ilyich's and was pretty impressed with the renos.

Slim crowd, not a lot of dancing, but then again I was really drunk and left early. I danced a sufficient amount and split.

tEkKid: Thanks to you and your bois for the jam! As well as letting me twist your arm and drink a tequila with me.

madnezz: Nice to chat with you, and reserve me a spot on the cottage trip!!! I wasn't THAT drunk.

m. smalls: Pleasure. You sexy monkey.

Good tunes, nice ass shaking, all in all a nice light snack.


Greg Gow's set was delicious.

@m: Thought I might catch you last night, I gots the burns for you. Email me and let me know when we can hook up early this week.


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you big bad bald ninny.........

..... now it's TWICE that I've approached the same guy thinking it may be you. I asked this dude at Gaetano if he was you... and then at this party.. THE SAME GUY... I asked him again.. and he looked at me like I was fucked.

"Sorry", I said, "I'm looking for this guy from the Tribe board, he calls himself the BigBadBaldy"... the dude just shook his head and laughed.

anyhow.... I too decided to make the trek to this event. I chose to avoid the easy route and asked the guys at the door where Tekkid was. Tekkid (doug), was right there... he bummed a hoolie off me... and that was it.

I got a beer and went onto the dance floor for some up-close tunes. I sparked up a joint and within 2 minutes... the bouncer was on my back, grabbing my neck trying to pull me outside. "Let go of my fucking neck" I told him, "I can walk on my own".

He says "What, are you a fucking idiot" ? "What the fuck are you smoking that shit in the club for" ?

I say , "I guess I am a fucking idiot"..."if I came to a jam that won't let me smoke my shit". The bouncer then said, "Put it out and you can come back in"...... then I said, "later man" and I left.

Off to Derrick Carter ...........


Adam Duke

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sorry i couldn't make it out, but The Dukes were rockin' Oshawa's Diesel Room.

swing by Mad Bar on Thursday night, BBB - I'll be there.

Sorry to here about your altercation, fattyp!
How were the tunes, people????



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i had a good time, but i only dropped in breifly, exam pressures and all that. pleasure to chat with tommy and laura and to meet doug.

i like that venue. the people doing lines in the ladies room we're funny.

overheard by me in men's room:
"dude, you gotta check out the size of this line"
"dude, that's huge"
"dude, i know!"

it was like an adam snadler sketch, and i mean sketch.
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i truely thank everyone who came out to this party....i had a fucking awesome time

fattyP- thank you so much, that topped off the morning! but im sorry to hear bout your experience with the security....damnit they got to me a bit, asking questions while i was trying to play...and i appologize for not being able to chill with yah any longer ..i was super busy taking care of things and making the rounds....basically making sure everything was running smoothly.

Rosey - very glad to have met you man...again sorry i couldn't have chilled any longer with yah...another time perhaps..

man there are sooooooo many people i want to thank and please do not take offence if i missed yah !

first off..the dj's most importantly my boi and partner n crime Curt Martin...

my crew.. Greg Gow,Fred Paulo,Shamus Cohglan..

Wes - dj Internal..dope set man...always a pleasure seeing you drop a techno set man..madd skillz.

just gonna name a few names...

Chris-manager of Labyrinth
Laura and Christy for the support

Melissa and Anwar
Tommy and Laura.. thanks for the heinie laura!
Eric and Derek from beats.to
Big UPS to Nancy for doing the door

my homeboi Dan...for almost gettin in a fight..
you little bitch.
Philly,your sis,and Melanie....thanks for the lofthaus shirt!
Ej...and your buddy...(never can remember his name)
thanks for the support dude..
boris,and gordie
cassie and ashlie

shit i cant think anymore...

all in all it was a fucking awesome birthday !!

i thank you all...

be ready for v2



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by tEkKiD:

shit i cant think anymore...


soo sorry, Kennie from Ajax, and Carlos and his girl from Peterborough...

gimme a few days, to recollect the evening and perhaps i will remember EVERYTHING!




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Happy birthday Doug! It was a nice party. Good variety of techno there too (Hard, minimal, Detroit). I loved the variety. I'm always glad to come out and support the techno types. Good times...